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We Heard You

Changes OIT is making based on YOUR feedback
from the 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey

FeedbackWhat OIT is Doing
I can’t always find the OIT service I need.We are developing an outreach program to increase engagement and identify opportunities for improved service. We have also introduced or broadened access to a number of new services.
It’s hard to manage all my passwords.
We will research and evaluate tools for password management.
SmartClassroom podiums are difficult to use.We will supply clear documentation to each of the SmartClassrooms to make podium use easier.
Improve functionality in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).We have upgraded KFS to a current and more feature-rich release.
Desktop Support response time is too long.
We are providing more diverse self-service opportunities to empower faculty and staff with easy fixes and will devote desktop staff time to more challenging or unusual needs.
Improve functionality in Kuali Coeus (research support).We will upgrade Kuali Coeus to a current and more feature-rich release.
Improve Office 365 support.
The O365 support teams will review past requests and improve business processes for handling Outlook support.
I can't find the IT security information I need.We will develop better documentation for the IT security web site.
It isn’t clear if Zotmail is reaching the intended audience.We have added analytics to Zotmail to allow senders to find information on message access rates and click-throughs to links.
ServiceNow is hard to use.We will launch a new ServiceNow portal to make it easier to find and use support features.
The transition from EEE to Canvas is confusing.We are improving communication and support strategies, clarifying our transition timeline, and adding support resources.
Security makes it hard to me to access the resources I need.We will research and evaluate firewall rule analysis tools to improve audits.
More file sharing and collaboration options are needed.We are preparing documentation and guidelines on the available file storage and sharing tools to help customers use the right tool for each need.

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