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OIT Mailing Lists

We maintain the following mailing lists to keep the UCI community informed about system and network enhancements, outages, and general developments. We also facilitate discussions with additional mailing lists on topics relevant to the campus computing and network community.

Lists are provided using the Mailman system. The “subscribe” link on each list below provides an easy way to have your email address placed on lists of interest to you.

OIT General Interest Lists

OIT Service StatusOIT-service-status is used by OIT to announce issues that affect OIT services, in particular service degradation and interruption.Subscribe to OIT Service Status
This list will be used by OIT to distribute security alerts, patch notifications, and lists of hosts that may need to be patched to prevent successful compromises. Currently this list is moderated; any replies sent to the list will be forwarded to the list owners rather than posted to the list. Subscribe to Network Security Alerts
UCInet-AnnounceTimely announcements about the UCI wired and wireless networks and telephone system: scheduled and unscheduled outages, configuration changes, and other important service information.Subscribe to UCInet Announce
UCICSCGThis list facilitates discussion among computing support professionals at UCI. General and specific queries are welcome. Computing-related emergency messages and notices of planned downtime may also be posted to this list.Subscribe to UCICSCG

OIT Special Interest Lists

High-Speed-NetworkingCampus High Speed Networking discussion listSubscribe to High-Speed-Networking
Shibboleth AnnounceA mailing list for administrators to announce large changes, updates and downtimes to UCI Shibboleth serviceSubscribe to Shibboleth Announce
UCI-DWHAnnouncements and discussions about OIT’s Data Warehouse servicesSubscribe to UCI-DWH
UCI Lightpath AnnounceTo announce outage, scheduled maintenance and other related information to the UCI Lightpath usersSubscribe to UCI Lightpath Announce
800 MHz RadioThis list is used to discuss issues regarding the Campus 800Mhz Trunked Radio System. Notifications of system outages, upgrades, etc. will also be posted here.Subscribe to 800 MHz Radio

OIT Software User Lists

JMP AnnounceJMP Statistical Software Announcements
Subscribe to JMP Announce
Matlab-AnnounceInformation pertinent to licensing of Matlab on the UCI campus will be disseminated to users via this list.Subscribe to Matlab-Announce
SAS-AnnounceInformation about SAS software purchasing, pricing, etc. as that information pertains to SAS users on the UCI campus.Subscribe to SAS-Announce
SAS-UsersInformation pertinent to SAS software at UCI will be disseminated to users via this list.Subscribe to SAS-Users
SPSS UsersTo disseminate SPSS licensing information to campus SPSS users
Subscribe to SPSS Users
UCI Cognos Report DevelopersUCI Cognos Report Developers email listSubscribe to UCI Cognos Report Developers
UCI Cognos UsersThe UCI-Cognos-Users mailing list is used to reach out to Cognos users on the UCI Campus. Subscribers will receive announcements regarding future training sessions, upgrades and disruptions in Cognos service via this mailing list. Subscribe to UCI Cognos Users
UCI-GISInformation pertinent to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at UCI will be disseminated to users via this list.Subscribe to UCI-GIS
UCI-MathematicaInformation pertinent to licensing of Mathematica on the UCI campus will be disseminated to users via this list.Subscribe to UCI-Mathematica

UCI Computing Lists

UCI Linux
Linux users and resources at UCISubscribe to UCI Linux
UCI MacInformation and pricing of Mac Computers at UCISubscribe to UCI Mac

UCI Web Developer Lists

Cascade-CMS Developers
UCI Cascade Server CMS Web Developers Discussion ListSubscribe to Cascade-CMS Developers
Web-DevelopersPeople from around campus involved in developing Web site and Web applications.Subscribe to Web-Developers
Webdev-MobileMobile Web Developers Discussion ListSubscribe to Webdev-Mobile
WordPress DevelopersWordPress Developers and Administrators ListSubscribe to WordPress Developers

UC Wide Lists

AP-Recruit-AnnounceTo announce changes, bugfixes, and news about UCI's Academic Personnel Recruit online faculty recruitment applicationSubscribe to AP-Recruit-Announce
UCCSCUC-wide Computing Support Coordinators list. This list is used mainly to distribute information about the annual UCCSC conference. It is also a discussion list that can help facilitate communication about computing support at the UC campuses.Subscribe to UCCSC
UC Research ComputingResearch Computing topics for all UC campuses. HPC, applications, libraries, storage, networking, cluster topics, provisioning, parallel programming & debugging, GPGPU dev, benchmarking, prifiling, etc.
Please post your tips, news, opinions, (sem|web)inar notices, etc.
Subscribe to UC Research Computing