Overarching OIT Goals

1. Build out and maintain scalable IT infrastructure and services.

UCI’s dependence on robust IT infrastructure and responsive IT services has never been greater. Every academic and business function requires IT for efficient and effective operations; campus and unit strategic goals typically have a critical IT component. Maintaining and enhancing IT infrastructure is OIT’s top priority.

2. Support academic goals through educational and research computing initiatives and services.

Education and research depends on the IT infrastructure mentioned above; both require high-quality network connectivity, data center, and client support services. Each has unique needs beyond pervasive IT infrastructure.

Educational strategies are rapidly evolving, fueled by innovative uses of existing and new technologies. OIT provides enabling infrastructure and services required to support changing pedagogy. We must provide classroom technology, addressing both traditional and new approaches. We must also provide a robust set of online tools that faculty will use in deploying class materials. These include “third-party” tools available in “the cloud” as well as on-campus tools such as those found in EEE.

The nature of research and how it is conducted has also been fundamentally changed through the availability of new technologies. UCI currently offers modest research computing services, which need to be scaled up over coming years.

3. Partner with functional units to implement enterprise and unit applications.

University business functions are managed through an array of administrative software applications. These range from broad enterprise applications that are used by virtually all units, to function-specific applications. Applications are “owned” by the functional units, but OIT plays a key role in maintaining them, and working as a part of project teams to update or replace functionality.

4. Evolve as an enterprise IT organization through continual improvement.

UCI’s IT consolidation has coincided with very significant new campus IT requirements ranging from enterprise application replacement, to rapidly expanding IT infrastructure demands, to academic imperatives.

OIT is a strong organization, with capable staff and leadership. It must continue to evolve across multiple dimensions, including those of service integration, organizational structure, equitable and competitive compensation, work processes, and tools.

5. Foster technology innovation and collaboration within the campus and externally.

The continual evolution of technology outpaces even the fastest, best-funded movers in the IT space. In order to best serve the evolving needs of faculty, staff and students, OIT must look for opportunistic ways to augment and build upon its services. Typically this is done through experimentation, innovation and collaboration with other IT groups both at UCI and other campuses. Additionally, OIT is continually reaching out to its external partners to provide insight on future strategy and direction for campus infrastructure, applications and services.

6. Create a work environment that maximizes our IT talent and technical capabilities.

Organizational improvement, as described above, gives us the opportunity to leverage talent, align staff responsibilities with critical organizational needs, and improve efficiency in our internal business processes.

OIT is committed to additional strategies to sustain and foster our technical talent, including a mentoring program, cross-training, succession planning, and refreshing our documentation and training efforts.

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