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OIT Client Liaisons

Campus Unit - OIT Interactions

As technology options, approaches, and campus needs have grown and evolved, so has the complexity of providing IT services. In order for OIT to work effectively with campus partners, we have instituted a framework for client and work management.

The OIT Service Desk

  • Serves as a 24 hour “first point of contact” for urgent issues, creating a centralized hub for communication and coordination of problem resolutions across multiple OIT teams. Using automation and escalation tools, the Service Desk provides an expeditious route to issue resolution and avoids clients having to follow up individually.

An equally important aspect of OIT’s service framework is the assignment of an “OIT Liaison” for each supported unit.

The OIT Liaison

  • Is a member of OIT’s management team who establishes and maintains a relationship with the unit along with an excellent understanding of its business functions and processes. The Liaison facilitates the provision of support by sharing appropriate unit business context to OIT staff providing service to the unit.
  • Serves as a clear point of contact for technology consultation.  Frequently a unit needs information or advice that doesn’t lend itself to a Service Desk request. The OIT Liaison serves as the point of contact for this sort of interaction.
  • Despite the best efforts of OIT staff, sometimes service requests don’t go as desired, or other service issues occur. The OIT Liaison serves as a triage point for any concerns that arise and provides the unit a point of contact for delivery and status of outstanding requests.