OIT Client Liaison List

This list is provided to help identify the OIT Liaison responsible for support to each unit.  The OIT Director to whom each liaison reports serves as a backup when the Liaison is unavailable, as well as an escalation path.

Organizational UnitOIT LiaisonOIT Director
Academic PersonnelMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Academic PlanningMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Academic SenateMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Accounting and Fiscal Services (A&FS) and ControllerKeiko TakahashiCarmen Roode
Admissions (OARS)Tram TranCarmen Roode
Applied InnovationSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
AthleticsMikel AlustizaShohreh Bozorgmehri
Bren School of Computer SciencesSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Budget OfficeLarry CoonMarina Arseniev
Campus CounselMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Capital Planning & Space ManagementJyoti RazdanCarmen Roode
Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)Sarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Chancellor's OfficeMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Chief Executive RoundtableMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE)Briandy WaldenShohreh Bozorgmehri
Division of Continuing EducationBriandy WaldenDana Roode
EducationSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Enrollment ManagementCarmen RoodeCarmen Roode
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion / Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD)Max GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Environmental Health & Safety and Risk ServicesJyoti RazdanCarmen Roode
Facilities ManagementJyoti RazdanCarmen Roode
Financial AidScott LusbyCarmen Roode
Financial ServicesI-Rong LinCarmen Roode
Graduate DivisionRachel TamCarmen Roode
Human ResourcesYing KussmanCarmen Roode
HumanitiesSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
HousingMarkus QuonShohreh Bozorgmehri
Merage School of BusinessSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Office of Global EngagementMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Office of Institutional Research (OIR)Larry CoonMarina Arseniev
Office of ResearchNoah MargolisCarmen Roode
OmbudsmanMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Organizational Research Units (ORUs) and Special and Other Research Programs (SRPs)Noah MargolisCarmen Roode
PayrollMichael StoryMarina Arseniev
Physical SciencesSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Procurement ServicesKeiko TakahashiCarmen Roode
Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor (EVC)Sarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
RegistrarJosh JacksonCarmen Roode
Samueli School of EngineeringSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
School of Biological SciencesBriandy WaldenShohreh Bozorgmehri
School of LawSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
School of MedicineSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Social EcologySarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Social SciencesSarkis DaglianSarkis Daglian
Staff AssemblyMax GarrickShohreh Bozorgmehri
Strategic CommunicationsMeredith EhrenbergMarina Arseniev
Student AffairsWayne FieldsShohreh Bozorgmehri
Student Affairs Auxiliary ServicesWayne FieldsShohreh Bozorgmehri
Student Life and LeadershipWayne FieldsShohreh Bozorgmehri
Thesaurus Linguae Grecae (TLG)Kyle KurrHenry Jenkins
Transportation and Distribution ServicesClint MarukiCarmen Roode
UC PathYing KussmanCarmen Roode
UCI Health (Coordination with Controller, Purchasing and IT)Keiko TakahashiCarmen Roode
UCI LibrariesShohreh BozorgmehriShohreh Bozorgmehri
UCI PoliceJeremy PajeSarkis Daglian
University AdvancementCarmen RoodeCarmen Roode
Vice Provost of Teaching and LearningShohreh BozorgmehriShohreh Bozorgmehri
Wellness Health and CounselingWayne FieldsShohreh Bozorgmehri