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Transition Guidelines

  • Organizational changes are considered interim – top level changes have been published and communications with campus units are ongoing.  At some point in the future, each division leader will begin joint team level realignment exercises with their management, staff and clients.  The outcome of these planning exercises will result in additional fine tuning.
  • Role changes are considered interim – as with the organizational changes, role changes for managers/staff are interim until transitional activities are complete and appropriate fit can be determined. Depending on the situation, OIT may decide to do recruitments after the interim period has completed, or make assignments permanent.
  • Check for understanding – after each set of changes, we will pause and check for understanding with everyone involved.  Problems can occur from moving too fast for our clients or by making fundamental changes without fully understanding the implications.
  • Feedback in encouraged – as we progress through re-alignment, OIT leadership will be working with campus stakeholders to understand risks and issues that may be developing as changes begin to take effect.  Units are encouraged to raise issues and identify opportunities that might be otherwise overlooked.