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OIT Fact Sheet Winter 2011

Winter Quarter 2011

Wireless Networking

137 Buildings with wireless coverage:
42 with complete wireless coverage
95 with partial wireless coverage
1,115 OIT installed wireless access points at 54M bit/sec
143,000 Registered MAC addresses for wireless and DHCP
312,000 Daily average of wireless connections

Wired Networking

175 Buildings
495 Network equipment closets
1,551 Switches, routers, and hubs in service
36,000 Active network jacks


+82 Net change in Digital phones installed
-28 Net change in Analog phones installed
+20 Net change in IP phones
9,859 Total Active Phones
4,235 Digital
4,479 Analog
5,902 Active Infomail Boxes


904,511 Daily average of mail connections received
197,560 Daily average of Webmail logins
622,000 Daily average of blocked spam messages
314,000 Daily average of accepted messages
38,179 Total active accounts on OIT Mailbox Services

Campus Support

7,870 Total problem calls handled by the OIT Help Desk January through March
4,411 Total email correspondence handled by the OIT Help Desk (March 2011)
854 Total network and telephone requests handled January through March
1,569 Desktop Support Issues Handled
270 Total campus systems supported by OIT-DCS
86 Total Websites hosted on servers supported by OIT-DCS
38,868 Daily average unique UCInetIDs authenticating
1,880,796 Daily average authentications

Instructional and Research Support

2,255 Total class Websites on EEE
99.7% Of undergraduates used EEE at least once
87% Of instructors with classes who used EEE at least once
112,129 Lab and SmartClassroom logins
756 Total class sessions scheduled ArtsTEC, HIB, MSTA, MSTB, AIRB, and EGC
15,183 Pages printed via Pay Print between 01/01/11 – 03/31/11
4,460 Monthly average computing jobs submitted to MPC Cluster
484 Recordings Made using UCI Replay

IT Security

774,000 Connection attempts blocked by the border firewall an hour since January 2011
65,100 Monthly average of VPN sessions
3,300 Monthly average of autoblocks