OIT Fact Sheet Summer 2013

Summer 2013
(7/1/2013 – 9/30/2013)

Wireless Networking

146 Buildings with wireless coverage:
50 with complete wireless coverage
96 with partial wireless coverage
1,339 OIT installed wireless access points at 54M bit/sec
141,000 Registered MAC addresses for wireless and DHCP
503,000 Daily average of wireless connections

Wired Networking

182 Buildings
514 Network equipment closets
1,623 Switches, routers, and hubs in service
38,827 Active network jacks


9,793 Total Active Phones (Digital: 4328, Analog: 4151, IP: 1314)
5,880 Active Infomail Boxes


516,681 Daily average of mail connections received
86,631 Daily average of Webmail logins
2,888,000 Daily average of blocked spam messages
300,000 Daily average of accepted messages
26,447 Total active accounts on OIT Mailbox Services
3,891 Total Exchange Mailboxes

Campus Support

13,051 Campus operator calls answered
8,501 Total problem calls handled by the OIT Help Desk
2,526 Total email correspondence handled by the OIT Help Desk
1,052 Total network and telephone requests handled
1,859 Desktop Support Issues Handled
226 Total campus systems supported by OIT-EUS
294 Virtual systems supported by OIT-EUS
101 Total Websites hosted on servers supported by OIT-EUS
26,412 Daily average unique UCInetIDs authenticating
596,551 Daily average authentications

Instructional and Research Support

659 Total class Websites in Summer 2013 on EEE
97.4% of undergraduates used EEE in Spring 2013 at least once
75.3% of instructors used EEE in Spring 2013 at least once
21,288 Lab and SmartClassroom logins
285 Total class sessions scheduled OIT Labs
13,520 Pages printed through lab printing during Spring quarter
85,354 Monthly average computing jobs submitted to HPC Cluster (last qtr)
1,065 Recordings made using UCI Replay

Administrative Support

  1. Time Reporting System used by 8,700 employees
  2. Facilities Demand Maintenance and Service Desk – 4000 requests and work orders per month (last qtr)
  3. UCI Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence – decision support/analytics – 45,000 user ad-hoc queries/day; 1,088,894 total queries in July, 2013

IT Security

1,754,229 Connection attempts blocked by the border firewall an hour
60,612 Monthly average of VPN sessions
5,512 Monthly average of autoblocks