OIT Fact Sheet Fall 2017

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides telephone, network, and computing services in support of research and education at UCI. OIT provides central computing services, computer laboratories, departmental and research-group support services, and campus wide technical coordination. The campus network infrastructure maintained by OIT provides connectivity on campus and to the Internet.

Fall 2017 (10/01/2017 – 12/31/2017)

Wireless Networking

166 Buildings with wireless coverage:
55 with complete wireless coverage
111 with partial wireless coverage
1,902 OIT installed wireless access points at 54M bit/sec
202,000 Registered MAC addresses for wireless and DHCP
785,000 Daily average of wireless connections

Wired Networking

213 Buildings
571 Network equipment closets
1,892 Switches, routers, and hubs in service
46,742 Active network jacks

Telephone Service

8,888 Total Active Phone Lines (Digital:4,894, Analog:2,738 IP: 1,256)
341 Other (such as elevators, emergency phones, etc.)
6,035 Active Voicemail Boxes


403,876 Daily average of mail connections received
11,932 Daily average of Webmail logins
698,000 Daily average of blocked spam messages
655,000 Daily average of accepted messages
4,877 Total active accounts on OIT Mailbox Services
14,296 Total Exchange Mailboxes 5 on-premises 14,291 Office 365
67,879  Total UCI-managed Google Apps accounts
15.475  petabytes image storage (1 petabyte = 1,000,000 gigabytes)
800.881  petabytes disk storage
45.503  petabytes email storage

Campus Support

7,483 Campus operator calls answered
21,284 Total problem calls and e-mail messages handled by the OIT Help Desk
894 Total network and telephone requests handled
2,044 Desktop Support Issues Handled
375 Total web site unique domains supported by OIT-DCI
2,648 Web sites on sites.uci.edu
1,111 Total hosts being backed up by OIT-DCI
32,936 Daily average unique UCInetIDs authenticating
669,431 Daily average authentications

Instructional & Research Support

1,648 Total sections on Canvas
28% of unique instructors using Canvas
84% of unique students using Canvas
 812 Instructors using Canvas
28,233 unique students using Canvas
81,919 Lab and SmartClassroom logins
1,277 Total class sessions scheduled OIT Labs
19,552 Pages printed through lab printing during the quarter
1,651 Recordings made using UCI Replay
2,575 Total VCL (Virtual Computer Lab) reservations
3,952 Total VCL hours used
623 Total VCL unique users
61,079 queries as  to Computer Availability

IT Security

9,892,291 Connection attempts blocked by the border firewall an hour
124,284 Monthly average of VPN sessions
28,449 Monthly average of autoblocks

 2016-2017 Computer System Support

4,650 Staff desktops & student labs
1,212  Physical & virtual servers
~6,000 CPUs in a computational cluster

2015-2016 Administrative Support

  1. Time Reporting System used by 14,200 employees at UCI and 380 at UC Hastings
  2. Facilities Demand Maintenance and Service Desk – 4,000 requests and work orders per month
  3. Kuali Financial Systems processed more than $46 billion dollars annually for fiscal year 2016-2017 of GL, AP/Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Budget, and Travel & Entertainment.
  4. Student Financial Systems processed more than $2.1 billion dollars annually for fiscal year 2016-2017 to bill over 38,000 students, apply and disburse financial aid, take payments, and collect debts
  5. UCI Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence – decision support/analytics – 28,782 user ad-hoc queries/day; 34,607 total queries in SEptember 2017
  6. UCI Decision Support (Cognos/KFS)- Fall, 2017 – 2,411 Unique Users; 212.696 Total Report Requests; 76,491 Total KFS Report Requests