TechnoExpo has not been held for several years.  Should OIT decide the campus community would benefit from a new technology fair, it will be publicized here.

What is TechnoExpo?

TechnoExpo (short for “Technology Exposition”) is an opportunity for faculty and staff to see and learn about technology services and support for the academic and administrative activities of the University.  At TechnoExpo you can learn about new services, talk to experts about challenges you face, and find ways of doing your job more easily or with increased effectiveness.  The last TechnoExpo was held in February 2008, prior to IT consolidation.

How did TechnoExpo get started?

TechnoExpo began over a decade ago as an effort by AdCom Services to help campus business units understand the increasing role technology services had in day-to-day University business.  Over time, participation was broadened to other units which provide technology-based services, and is now open to the entire campus.  In 2002, TechnoExpo became a partnership between AdCom Services and Network and Academic Computing Services, with an added focus on technology services related to research and instruction.

What can I expect to see at TechnoExpo?

TechnoExpo includes three main kinds of activities.  There are exhibits where campus departments are on hand to introduce and explain their various technology-based services.  You can attend the many 20 minute presentations to explore technologies and services in more depth.  Finally, UCI invites certain key vendors of hardware, software, and services that are of strategic value to UCI.

How much does TechnoExpo cost?

TechnoExpo is funded by OIT, the Bookstore, and contributions from vendors.  It is hosted in an effort to improve awareness and understanding of available technology services. There is no cost to participate.

Who can attend TechnoExpo?

TechnoExpo is meant to help UCI faculty and staff, although guests from other UCs are welcome to attend.

How else can I participate?

If you work in a department which provides technology support, or some service based on technology, you are invited to propose a booth exhibit or a presentation.  Contact the TechnoExpo program committee by email to

How can I contact the team which organizes TechnoExpo?

Email OIT at .