Faculty and Staff UCInetID Deactivation Policy

Summary: Faculty and Staff UCInetIDs are provided to all employees of the university. Upon separation, they are subject to deactivation.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff UCInetID Deactivation Policy

Separated Employees

If you are leaving the university, your UCInetID will be disabled based upon the separation date that we receive from the UCI Payroll/Personnel System.

Retired Employees

If you are retiring from the university, you may request the continuation of UCInetID and email services. See the Retirees tab.

Deactivation Schedule

Faculty/Staff (employee) deactivations usually happen 90 or more days after separation. Processed monthly, employee separation dates from the UCPath are used to determine which UCInetIDs are subject to deactivation.

    • When the separation date is 60 or more days in the past :
      Faculty or Staff members not keeping their account as a Retiree, are notified through email that their UCInetID will be deactivated in 30 days.
      This 30 day notice allows the Faculty or Staff member time to secure Internet and email service elsewhere. 30 days after the email notification of pending deactivation, the UCInetID is disabled and archived
    • Note: In order for a separated employee to begin the deactivation process, the separation date must be in UCPath and OIT must be notified of the separation date.

Continuing Students and Returning Employees

Continuing Students and Returning Employees

  • Continuing as a UCI Student 
    If you are continuing at UCI as a student, your affiliation will return to “student” when you are notified.
  • Returning Employees
    If you return to UCI, after a period of absence, we will attempt to re-issue your previous UCInetID to you. If this cannot be done, you will be issued a new UCInetID based up on your name. When you return, you will need to activate your UCInetID and select a new password.



Emeritus Faculty

Retiring Academic Senate faculty members can keep their UCInetIDs. 
If you receive a deactivation notification in error, please contact the OIT Help Desk at oit@uci.edu and we will make sure that your UCInetID is not deactivated.

Retiring Staff

UCI retirees can keep their UCInetIDs and maintain or sign-up for an OIT MailBox Service email account.

Retirees must contact the Center for Emeriti and Retirees if they wish to to sign up for the continuation of UCInetID services.

Center for Emeriti and Retirees
Jeri Frederick, Director
(949) 824-7769

Email Services

  • Access to Email and UCInetID Based Services
    When your UCInetID is disabled, you will no longer have access to your OIT Mailbox email or other UCInetID/WebAuth related services.