Student UCInetID Deletion Policy

Summary: Student UCInetIDs are available to currently enrolled students only. Read the information below to find out about the deletion policy and how it affects you.

Your UCInetID gives you access to computing services while you are currently enrolled. If you are not enrolled and have not registered and paid your fees by the Fee Payment Deadline for the following quarter, your UCInetID will lose most access  unless you graduated from UCI.

If you will not be enrolled for one or more quarters as a student, then you must take steps to save any email or files in your OIT MailBox account before it is deleted. Files or email from deleted accounts will not be restored if you return.

Returning Students

If you return as a student after 1 year you will be reassigned the same UCInetID and be issued a new, empty student account.


UCI graduates may now keep their UCInetIDs to gain access to some UCI services including UCI’s wireless network on campus and the Registrar’s StudentAccess to view grades and unofficial transcripts. Other services may be offered in the future.

Your OIT MailBox email account will only be available for one year after you graduate. However, you may also sign up for a free Alumni email address that will forward email to a private account off campus indefinitely.

UCInetID Deletion Policy Details

Details of the policy OIT uses to determine when accounts will be deleted can be found below:

  1. UCInetIDs are deleted based on information we receive from the UCI Registrar. Two points of information are used in the process:
    1. You are registered for the previous quarter (with a valid UCInetID); and,
    2. You paid your fees in the current quarter before or on the Registrar’s fee deadline.
  2. Based on these two pieces of information, if you don’t register and take courses in a given quarter you can continue to use your UCInetID (and the services tied to it) UNTIL the fee deadline for the present quarter. This is usually a few days before the beginning of instruction. AFTER the fee deadline, your UCInetID will be deleted and access to associated services will be denied.
  3. If you intend to return the next quarter, you must pay your fees before the next quarter fee deadline. This will keep your UCInetID active.
  4. If your UCInetID is deleted, all materials, including e-mail associated with services tied to the UCInetID will be deleted as well.
  5. If your UCInetID is deleted for any reason, you are eligible for a new UCInetID if you:
    • Reenter as a student
    • Become a new employee
    • Take Access UCI classes
    • Take summer session classes.

    However, the new UCInetID and its associated services are entirely new. You will need to activate the UCInetID. Any files or e-mail from your previous account will be gone.