Summer Session & Continuing Education UCInetID Deletion Policy

Summary: Summer Session Student UCInetIDs are available only during the summer you take classes. Read the information below to find out about the deletion policy and how it affects you.

Summer Session & Continuing Education Students Deletion Policy

Summer Session UCInetIDs are created based on information we receive the Summer Session Registrar. They are created for the use of Summer Session students for the duration of the Summer Session term only.

Summer Session UCInetIDs are deleted on UCI's Fall Quarter fee deadline for incoming and continuing regular UCI students. If you become a regular UCI student AND pay your fees on or before the fall Quarter deadline, your UCInetID (and its associated services) will continue to operate.

If you are a Summer Session student AND a regular UCI students you are subject to the student UCInetID deletion policy, i.e., students not registering in Spring Quarter need to pay fees by the Fall fee deadline or lose their UCInetID INDEPENDENT of their summer session status.

If you are a Continuing Education student and are not enrolled for two consecutive quarters (summers are not counted), your UCInetID will be scheduled to be deactivated the following summer.


If your UCInetID is deleted for any reason, you are eligible for a new UCInetID if you:

  • Reenter as a student
  • Became a new employee
  • Take summer session classes
  • Take Concurrent Enrollment classes.

However, the new UCInetID and its associated services are entirely new. You will need to activate the UCInetID.