Systems Development Practices & Guidelines

Summary: OIT has a set of practices and guidelines in place that ensure the development of quality robust systems that meet customer needs. They are currently being evaluated and any comments or feedback can be directed to the OIT Help Desk ( / x42222).

OIT provides application development or enhancement services to the campus. It also offers assistance to units developing their own applications. OIT uses a proven and industry accepted set of project development and management practices. These practices assure a project is completed within agreed upon time and budget constraints, conforms to customer requirements, fits into current and planned OIT infrastructure, and is cost effective to maintain and enhance over time. This approach applies to development of customized systems or vendor software purchases.

Our services include project initiation and definition of scope, requirements analysis, design, implementation, and testing of an application. A rigorous System Development Process is followed to launch an application that meets quality, performance and security standards. Once in production, OIT performs all necessary upgrades, patches, and typical routine activities throughout the maintenance lifetime of an application.