Radio Repair Procedures

Having trouble with your Radio? OIT can help.

Request Repair

Contact the OIT Help Desk at  (949-824-2222)

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Contact name and extension number
  • Department
  • Location
  • Radio ID number and serial number
  • Trouble being reported 
    Customer must deliver handheld radios to OIT at the Administrative Modulars B, Building 423. The battery, antenna, and dust cover should be retained by the customer, unless it is part of the trouble being reported.
  • Please submit an OIT Service Request Form under “800MHz Service” requesting your radio repair for billing purposes.  *At a later date we will have this integrated with our Service Now ticketing system.*

Radio Sent Out for Repair

OIT will contact Motorola Service Depot and send in the radio for repair.

  • In Warranty – Handheld radios under factory warranty will be repaired at no charge.
  • Out of Warranty – Handheld radios out of warranty receive flat rate repair service.
    XTS series radios are repairable until the end of 2019 per Motorola.  Prices may vary; physically damaged radios are not covered under flat rate repair.  You may contact Brian Chrisman at (949) 824-8151 for current pricing.

Repaired Radios

  • Radio Programming – If a programming change is requested to solve the trouble you are reporting, OIT will coordinate the reprogramming of the radio. Depending on the problem, you may be recharged. Individual radios are $35.00; multiple radios are $60.00 per hour.
  • Radio Pick-up – When a repaired radio is returned to OIT by Motorola, the department will be notified that the radio is ready for pick up. 

Backbone Equipment

Trouble with backbone equipment is also handled by OIT. Please contact the OIT Help Desk at (949) 824-2222 24 hours a day, to report backbone trouble. OIT will work with our contracted Motorola service provider to resolve system problems.