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Signal Peak Radio Channel

Signal Peak is an alternative Radio Channel useful for when you are off campus or for emergency needs.

When UC Irvine’s Campus Radio System was developed in the early 1990’s, a decision was made to incorporate a standalone radio channel that would provide wide area coverage outside of the trunked radio coverage area. This channel is located at the County of Orange radio site in the Newport Coast area known as Signal Peak.

Signal Peak is available to campus radio users, for their operational needs.  It enables personnel that travel off the campus to remain in contact via radio. This channel is available in zone C (Type 1) and zone 3 in (Type 2 and 3) in mode position 5.

Emergency Use of Signal Peak

During an emergency, Signal Peak can be used to carry traffic which doesn’t need to reside on the campus trunked system. In the event of a total radio system failure, it will be used to carry all university radio traffic. The channel will be extremely busy when the campus only has one radio channel available.  The primary use will be health, welfare, and major incident traffic. In the event of a disaster, a net control operator will monitor the channel and ensure that priority traffic is passed along. With safeguards in place and ability of the radio system to run with limited features (Failsoft), Signal Peak is an excellent supplement to the Campus Radio System.

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