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Ordering Motorola Parts and Accessories

Need parts or accessories for your Motorola Radio? Order directly from Motorola and get the the Education discount.

Ordering Directly From Motorola

For departments using PAL cards, you can order directly from Motorola any parts or accessories that you may need for portable, base, or mobile radios. Identify yourself as the University of California, Irvine.  ***When ordering, please make sure to specify the proper shipping address that FedEx/UPS normally delivers to in order to ensure that you receive you parts.***

  • Motorola Parts and Accessories can be reached at (800) 422-4210.
  • Our account number is 1000824674.

Note: This information is only for UC Irvine Radio users only.  Part numbers are subject to change or may be discontinued and substituted with new parts at any time.

Common parts that are ordered:

Part Description Part Number
Full length 700/800MHz flexible antenna Part # 8505241U11
Short (stubby) 700/800MHz antenna Part # 8505241U06
Rechargeable battery (Hi-Capacity Nickel-Metal Hydride)-(XTS2500) Part # NTN9858C
Belt clip for XTS2500 battery Part # HLN9844A
Speaker Microphone (XTS2500 portable) Part # NMN6193C
Desktop Charger (Tri-chemistry model) (XTS2500 portable) Part # NTN1667A
Desktop Charger (APX4000 portable) Part # PMPN4174A
Rechargeable battery (Li-Ion) (APX4000 portable) Part # NNTN8560A

If you require further assistance ordering parts not listed such as earphones and headset systems, or have any questions, please contact Brian Chrisman, UC Irvine Radio Systems Specialist at (949) 824-8151 or e-mail

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