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Campus Radio System Overview


In the early 1990’s, a plan was developed by UC Office of the President (UCOP) to construct uniform radio systems at all UC campuses throughout the state. This plan called for a Motorola trunked radio system to be installed at every UC campus including UC Irvine. Our original radio system had been online here at UCI since 1996 and provided quality radio service since its installation.  In 2017 we replaced our Campus Radio System with a state of the art Motorola Project 25 (P25) standards based digital radio system.  Almost every campus department uses the Campus Radio System for its daily operations. Our largest users are Facilities Management, Parking Services, Housing, UCI Police, and OIT. We have over 900 radios operating on the UC Irvine radio system.

The Campus Radio System provides cross communications between campus departments and also with other UC campuses if the need ever arises. Currently, the Motorola P25 Campus Radio System is the only “official UC recognized” communications system for both daily and emergency operations.

Radio purchases

UCI currently uses Motorola XTS 2500 and APX4000 portable radios. Motorola has ceased support and repair of the XTS2500 series as of 12/31/2019.  The replacement model is the APX4000 series of portables which come in a Model 2 or Model 3.

  • Model 2 – Intermediate model, full front display with limited keypad
  • Model 3 – High end model, same as model 2 but with full keypad for Private Call and paging

Pricing does vary on the different models. Please contact Brian Chrisman for current pricing and a quote will be requested from our Motorola sales representative.

Radio Recharge

In order to maintain the radio “backbone” on campus, OIT recharges a flat rate of $18.00 per a radio, per month for FY2021/22. This helps offset operating and maintenance costs.


Inquiries about radio related issues including training, operating questions, or consulting should be directed to Brian Chrisman, OIT Radio Systems Specialist. He can be contacted at (949) 824-8151 or e-mail

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