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Purchasing a Radio

Departmental Radio Service

Departments that wish to obtain Campus radio service must submit an OIT Radio Service Now Request Form. Departments should not contract directly with vendors for campus radio service.

To purchase a new campus radio please follow the steps listed below:

1. Submit a Purchase Requisition

The department must submit a Purchase Requisition for the campus radio and related equipment to Procurement Services.

  • Contact Keith Chamberlain at (949) 824-8454 for assistance.  The completed Purchase Requisition should be sent to Procurement Services, Attn: Keith Chamberlain, Zot 4530.
  • *NOTE: All parts & accessories can be purchased directly from Motorola using a PAL card.  OIT does not provide radios or accessories.  See Ordering Radio Parts.

2. Submit an OIT Service Now Request Form

An OIT Radio Service Now Request Form must be submitted to authorize programming of the radio and monthly reoccurring charge.  The forms must include a KFS account number and an authorized signature.

3. Order is placed with Motorola

Procurement Services receives the requisition and places the order with Motorola.

  • All equipment is shipped directly to the purchasing Department.
  • The department shall contact OIT to arrange the programming of radio(s).
  • Cost for programming and activation is $35 per a radio.  Multiple radios will be billed at an hourly rate of $99 per hour.

4. Monthly Charges

The department will be invoiced monthly for campus radio system support and maintenance. These charges will appear on the department’s monthly OIT Telephone Billing Statement.

Pricing information

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