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Radio Replacement FAQ

Why do we need to order a different model radio?

Motorola Solutions has discontinued production and support of the XTS2500 line of radios.  They have replaced it with the APX4000 series.

When should you start to purchase the APX4000 model?

You should start purchasing the APX4000 now. Procurement Services has the necessary vendor information to begin purchasing the APX4000 model portable radios.  Please request a quote to process a PO to purchase your radios and necessary accessories through OIT.  *Please note that the XTS2500 is no longer supported by Motorola for repairs. Accessories such as batteries, antennas, and belt clips should be available past 2020.  Some accessories may be discontinued by Motorola however third party vendor options may be available.

Do we need to replace all of our XTS2500 radios with the APX4000 models now?

No. The XTS2500 will continue to work on our radio system along with the new APX4000.  Once your XTS2500 fails, it will need to be replaced with an APX4000.

Can I use the same batteries for both the XTS2500 and APX4000?

No, the XTS2500 uses a different battery than the APX4000.

You will need to purchase the appropriate chargers to charge the correct model radio/battery combination.  If you have an Motorola Impres single unit or multi unit charger for the XTS series radios, there are adapter plates available that will charge APX model batteries.  Please contact Brian Chrisman to request the appropriate part numbers.

WARNING! Do not charge Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), or Motorola’s “impres” type batteries in legacy chargers.  Ensure that you are using tri-chemistry chargers to charge your batteries as this will shorten the life of your batteries or could cause a fire.

Are the XTS2500 speaker microphones and antennas compatible with the APX4000?

Audio accessories are not compatible between the two different models due to the different audio side connector.  Antennas are compatible between the two units.

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