Motorola XTS2500 Radio Replacement

Motorola has ceased production of the XTS2500 radio that UCI departments have been using to date.  OIT recommends departments select a radio from the new Motorola APX4000 series when additional radios are needed.

Support (repair and parts) will continue for 5 years after they cease production of this radio series.  Currently Motorola states that they will support the XTS series radios until the end of 2019.

Motorola offers the APX4000 in two models. OIT recommends purchasing the APX4000 Model 2 as the standard issued radio and the Model 3 for advanced features if required. Please see the chart below for feature and pricing comparisons. Note that the prices for the APX4000 radios are less than the XTS2500 due to a fixed pricing contract that UC Irvine is eligible for and are Project 25 or P25 capable without the need for a future software upgrade. Pricing as of October 2017 is listed below.  Pricing is subject to change so a formal quote should be requested prior to ordering new radio equipment.

XTS2500  Features  Cost APX4000  Features  Cost
Model 1.5 96 Modes/Full Display-No Key Pad $2,073.75 Model 1 N/A N/A
Model 2 255 Modes/Full Display-6 Key Pad $2,547.75 Model 2 512 Modes/Full Display-6 Key Pad $2,302.00
Model 3 255 Modes/Full Display-15 Key Pad $2,863.75 Model 3 512 Modes/Full Display-15 Key Pad $2,600.00

For more information, please see the Radio Replacement FAQ.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Brian Chrisman, UC Irvine Radio Specialist at 824-8151 or email .