Motorola XTS2500 Radio Replacement

Motorola has ceased production of the XTS2500 radio that UCI departments have been using to date.  OIT recommends departments select a radio from the new Motorola APX4000 series when additional radios are needed.

Support (repair and parts) will continue for 5 years after they cease production of this radio series.  Currently Motorola states that they will support the XTS series radios until the 12/31/2019.

Motorola offers the APX4000 in two models. OIT recommends purchasing the APX4000 Model 2 as the standard issued radio and the Model 3 for advanced features if required. Please see the chart below for feature and pricing comparisons. Note that the prices for the APX4000 radios are less than the XTS2500 due to a fixed pricing contract that UC Irvine is eligible for and are Project 25 or P25 capable without the need for a future software upgrade. Pricing as of October 2018 is listed below.  Pricing is subject to change so a formal quote should be requested prior to ordering new radio equipment.

XTS2500  Features  Cost APX4000  Features  Cost
Model 1.5 96 Modes/Full Display-No Key Pad $2,073.75 Model 1 N/A N/A
Model 2 255 Modes/Full Display-6 Key Pad $2,547.75 Model 2 512 Modes/Full Display-6 Key Pad $2,579.00
Model 3 255 Modes/Full Display-15 Key Pad $2,863.75 Model 3 512 Modes/Full Display-15 Key Pad $2,900.00

For more information, please see the Radio Replacement FAQ.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Brian Chrisman, UC Irvine Radio Specialist at 824-8151 or email

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