Campus Radio System Upgrade Project

Originally called the 800MHz Radio System, the Campus Radio System is the UCI approved radio system for campus. It is used for our day to day operations, special events and emergency communications. The system was over 20 years old prior to the upgrade. Below are details on the enhancements resulting from the upgrade.

Old System

  • Was an analog trunked radio system.
  • Had 6 x 800MHz channels
  • End of Support from Motorola Dec 2016.
  • Could not expand
  • Based on Telephone line interconnects
  • Old repeater hardware, aging controller hardware
  • Users sometimes received busy signals during heavy traffic periods

Upgrade Project

  • Approximately 12 Month Project
  • Build new infrastructure including DC Power plant
  • License new 700MHz frequencies
  • Build new radio system at Motorola Factory in Schamburg IL.
  • Move existing radio system to temporary location and maintain production quality operability
  • Upgraded backup repeater at Signal Peak and Medical Center (Orange) repeater
  • Install new P25 700/800 GTR8000 repeaters
  • Install P25 Core at Police Department, allow burn in time and testing
  • Cutover to new system over a long weekend January 14th, 2017
  • All radios needed software updates
  • Coordination with radio groups were great in providing assistance
  • BearComm team were on site helping update 700 radios in 2 days
  • Some radios were updated following week if not available over the weekend

Benefits and Improvements

  • Changing name to Campus Radio System
  • 10 total repeater channels original 6 x 800MHz and 4 x 700MHz
  • Digital repeaters provide clear, clean voice signal
  • IP-based core allows traffic over private and tunneled network connections
  • Allows for additional IP-based features in future (example: Integration of Radio Talkgroups with Smartphone application)
  • New Support model with 24 x 7 monitoring, automatic dispatch and web-based reporting
  • New Update model maintains security updates and hardware with regular service intervals
  • Notifications alerts of security violations, system warnings, and system errors
  • Encryption-capable system moving forward with Police Department radios for added security of sensitive data
  • Motorola platform has a 99.999% commitment to service level by design
  • Redundancy, monitoring, and remote support.

Again, thank you for your time, effort and patience during this project. Please reach out to Albert Gonzalez at (949-824-5878) or Brian Chrisman ( if you have any questions or feedback.

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