Release Notes

2017-05-30EEE - Electronic Educational Environment[EEE]
- Add information about the EEE+ Canvas transition on the EEE homepage

[EEE+ Scout]
- Efficiently load submission counts.
- Create a consistent experience when working with archived and unarchived forms, so that it is not inconsistent

[EEE+ ScoreShare]
- Allow advisors to view quiz scores for a student who has opted to share scores with to monitor progress.
- ScoreShare, make help documents more findable
- Contact area
- Disclaimer not to print sensitive data
- Useful information for students to get assistance from advising office.

[EEE Department Evaluations]
- Use new UCPath employee IDs with the EEE Legacy Dept Eval Admin tool, so that it will continue to work after UCPath goes live
2017-05-27KFS3.10.1KSAMS mods
2017-05-18TRS1. Add additional HR-IT team member to production support email list.
2. Update ESB connection string.
3. Additional debugging message for SFTP transfer process for feeder file.
4. Bug fix on timesheet calendar page.
2017-05-12EEE - Electronic Educational Environment[EEE+ ScoreShare]
- View assignment scores for a student who has opted to share scores with me to monitor progress.
- Allow students to opt-out of releasing scores, so that advisors no longer have access to them.
- Add link to logs in admin menu
- Allow ScoreShare users to know when opt-ins are reset

[EEE+ Scout]
- Allow form creators to hide a published form

[EEE+ Canvas WebGrades Transfer]
- As a user who can transfer grades, I want to be notified but not prevented from transferring when I have one or more assignments that are muted and omitted from final grades, so that my decision is informed.
- Update error checking order to be more logical.

[EEE Legacy]
- Update links for submitting ACCESS UCI grades
2017-04-28MyAccountActivity2.1- Better GeoIP data (commercial MaxMind City and ISP GeoIP2 databases), especially for IPv6
- Addition of "Internet Provider" column to provide more helpful ISP information, especially when no DNS record exists
- Addition of Google logs (and 6 months of history)
2017-04-20OSCAR- 2017-2018 business cycle maintenance for PI Form tab.
2017-04-20Continuing Student Housing Process (CSP) - (Student Housing)- Production release for 2017-2018 CSP Waitlist
2017-04-18MyAccountActivity2.0- Support IPv6 addresses (from Office 365)
- Ability to query multiple Splunk indexers
- Add Super User role for security query of any user activity
- Change Help link
- Addition of Office 365, Webmail, IMAP, Sendmail logs
2017-04-17PI Report Enhancement- support of showing encumbrance amounts
2017-04-14OSCAR- Release CV Roommate Select Spoke
2017-02-17KFS3.7Monthly release
2017-01-20KFS3.6Monthly release
2016-12-20OSCAR- user requested change on meal plan display in Person module
- additional try/catch block in reassignment module
2016-11-21KFS3.4Monthly release
2016-10-17KFS3.3Monthly release
2016-09-19KFS3.2September release
2016-09-09KFS3.1.2- This change only affects the new module for PCS (Payroll Certification System)
2016-02-17MyAccountActivity1.0.1- more time range options
- default time range 1 week on first load
- fix result date ordering
- fix result filtering when larger than 1 month
- query time logging