Services for Researchers

Accounts & Passwords

UCInetIDs (UCI's Login)

Your UCInetID is for your individual use and grants access to a range of University resources.  You can also get a UCInetID for shared use such as an email address for your lab.

Communication & Collaboration

Conferencing Services

Zoom is inexpensive and easy-to-use software that allows video and audio collaboration over the network.  You can, for example, host a virtual meeting with research collaborators at other Universities.

Mailing Lists (Email)

Mailman mailing lists allow for easy email communication with and among small groups of people with shared interests - a research topic, members of a lab, users a software package, or customers of a vendor.  Mailman is configurable to allow open communication or moderation, and archives email threads for later review.

Faculty Websites

If you want to set up a simple lab web site, or a collection of resources related to your research field, a faculty web site is easily set up and maintained on the WordPress platform.

Advanced Web Hosting

If your web needs are more elaborate than what WordPress can easily support, advanced web hosting offers more resources and features.

UCI G Suite

UCI G Suite includes a wide variety of collaboration tools: Drive for storing and sharing files, office tools (Docs Sheets and Slides), a Calendar, Forms for simple surveys, Jamboard (an interactive smart whiteboard for training or brainstorming) and many others.  UCI Google Apps makes it easier to share with a UCI-only audience.

End-Point Computing

Software and Hardware Purchasing and Licensing

UCI has contracts for discount licensing of a wide variety of research oriented software: Matlab, Mathematica, Labview, SAS, SPSS, JMP, ArcGIS, Tableau, and others.

High Performance Computing


HPC3 is the next-generation of shared computing at UCI and builds upon the very successful HPC and GreenPlanet clusters. HPC was implemented as a strictly a "condo-style" cluster.


The Campus Research Storage Pool offers cost-effective and high-performance storage of large research data sets.


Data Backup and Recovery

Set up a backup schedule and be protected from data loss


LightPath is a segment of UCI's network tuned for research use involving transfer of large data sets.

OIT Data Center

The Data Center offers secure and climate-controlled housing for your important hardware.

Server Registration

UCInet is secured against off-campus access for the protection of research data.  If you have a server in your lab, and need access to it from off campus, register it with the campus firewall.

Virtual Server Hosting

If your server needs are modest, your server doesn't need to be a physical machine at all.  Virtual servers are reconfigurable and robust against outages.

IT Professional Services

IT Consulting

Not sure what IT services are available at UCI or which will promote your research goals?  Let us help you find them.  Send email to OIT Research Services

System Administration

Your system can be configured and maintained by expert administrators, freeing up your time for research.



The Secure Research Environment provides a computing and storage environment with stronger security standards for sponsored research and provides new options for future research needs.


With the Virtual Private Network, you can work from off campus as if you were on campus, directly connected to the campus network.