Premium Cable Service

Apogee is pleased to announce that premium cable television service is now available to UCI residents through Dish Network. If you are interested in subscribing to additional cable TV programming or if you have any questions regarding the service, please contact Apogee directly at (855) 813-7019.

Residents will not be required to install a personal satellite dish, but a separate set-top box will be necessary to receive the Dish content. Please see detailed pricing information below.

Programming/LineupIncluded EquipmentPrice
America's Top 1201 receiver$64.99 + tax per month
America's Top 1201 DVR$69.99 + tax per month
America's Top 2001 receiver$74.99 + tax per month
America's Top 2001 DVR$79.99 + tax per month
America's Top 2501 receiver$84.99 + tax per month
America's Top 2501 DVR$89.99 + tax per month

You also have the option of adding movie channel packages to the programming choices above.

Additional Channel PackagesAdditional Cost
HBO$18 + tax per month
Cinemax$16 + tax per month
Showtime$16 + tax per month
Starz$16 + tax per month
Two channel packages$27 + tax per month
Three channel packages$37 + tax per month
All four channel packages$45 + tax per month
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