Device Registration

Express Registration

Automatically register your device to get online.

Manual Registration

Add your devices manually and view all of your existing registrations (if ExpressReg doesn't work, use this method).

If you are trying to register the MAC addresses of your consumer electronic devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, Apple TVs, Rokus, Chromecasts, wireless printers, or Amazon Echos & Dots, please consult the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of smart devices on the market (and the ever-changing layouts of the device menus due to software updates), the OIT Help Desk cannot assist you with finding the IP & MAC addresses.

Also, regarding scope of support: the OIT Help Desk will do its best to ensure that the shared wi-fi (ResNet Mobile Access) and the wired network in our campus communities is operational and functioning normally. We will ensure that our access points and Ethernet jacks in your apartment are working correctly, but we cannot guarantee how your various endpoint devices (such as computers, smart devices, printers, and routers) will work on our network.

If we test your Ethernet jack and are able to pull an IP address (or if your device is able to pull an IP address), that is the extent of our support. If you have any other technical support questions regarding these devices (including help with device drivers), please partner with the device manufacturer. We do not support endpoint devices; we only support the network itself.