Router Setup (Grad, Staff, & Faculty Housing)

Follow these steps to setup your router:

  1. Make sure the router is turned OFF.
  2. Make sure the router's network cable is connected to the INTERNET or WAN port on the back, and then plug the other end into the BOTTOM network jack only.
  3. Turn on the router and wait a minimum of 10 MINUTES.
  4. From your laptop, make sure you're now connected to your router's Wi-Fi network.
  5. Visit this website FIRST: and select the EXPRESS REGISTRATION option.
  6. Follow the instructions by logging in with your UCInetID & password.
  7. WAIT 5-10 MINUTES for your router to complete the registration process.

If you're unable to get online, please move the router to another wall jack and repeat these steps. There are jacks in each bedroom plus the common area EXCEPT FOR Gabrielino, Santiago, Los Lomas, or Alturas, which have only ONE jack in the living room.

If the above steps don't work for you and you know how to access your router's admin interface (consult the manual), find the router's WAN MAC address and register it manually at

If you're still having trouble, please email with the following information:

  • Name
  • UCInetID
  • Address
  • In which room are you trying to connect?
  • Pictures of the network cable plugged in the back of the router AND the wall jack where it's connected.
  • Picture of your network settings (from a PC, type ipconfig/all from the command prompt; on a Mac, type ifconfig from the Terminal).

We will respond within 1 business day. Our technicians will try to resolve your issue remotely and will most likely ask you to bring your router in to our walk in HD during business hours to configure & test it if they can't. If your router still won't connect after we give it back to you, it's probably the wall jack and we will make arrangements to dispatch a field tech to service the network jack(s). We DO NOT dispatch techs to setup or triage routers in your home.

I don't have a router. Can I still get online?

Ethernet jacks can be found in each bedroom AND in the common area. If you would like to connect a wired device to ResNet, you must first register that network card's MAC address. Here's how:

  1. Connect your computer to the Ethernet jack in your apartment.
    • Most apartments contain wall jacks with multiple ports. See the question below labeled "Which wall jack should I plug into?"
  2. From the wired computer, visit our Device Registration page at
  3. Select the link "Express Registration" and on the following page, choose the button Login with my UCInetID.
  4. Login with your UCInetID and password, and on the next page you will see a confirmation page instructing you to wait ~5 minutes. That's it! You're now able to surf the internet.

Express Registration should work, but if you're having trouble connecting you can manually register the device's MAC address. Details can be found here.

Which wall jack should I plug into?

Most housing communities contain Ethernet wall jacks with multiple ports. Even though the ports look similar, some of the ports are phone ports and are unable to provide internet access. Please ensure you plug your device or router into a data port. To find out which port you should use, please select the housing community that you live in from the list below.

Graduate Communities

Staff & Faculty Communities

DMCA Complaints & ResNet

UCI abides by the provisions of the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which requires prompt response to claims of copyright infringement by copyright holders or their agents. When you register your router's WAN MAC address, it is issued an IP address which is shared with every device on your home network. If the campus receives an allegation of copyright infringement based on your use of the UCI network via an IP address assigned to you, all of the devices on your network will be blocked and the matter will be referred to the Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct for further investigation (the process is described on our Network Block page in the Help Center). If you are found responsible after meeting with the Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct, you are subject to UCI disciplinary action including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Loss of network access
  2. Restitution or community service
  3. Suspension or dismissal from the University

Please think twice before sharing your router's wi-fi password with anyone, because you will be held responsible for whatever content they download while connected to your wi-fi network.

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