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UPDATE 1130. Campus VPN Service Degradation


UPDATE 1130. After further investigation, it has been determined that the IP mismatch problem is an upstream ISP issue that OIT will be unable to address. Fortunately, it appears to only affect a very small subset of users. For now though, the workaround for these users to use either the UCI-classic or UCIFULL-classic connection groups/profiles is working well.

We will be resolving this issue shortly as there are no other outstanding issues with the VPN at this time.

UPDATE 1000. There also seems to be a separate issue affecting some users that appears to be caused by their ISP sending two different IP addresses when they try to connect, resulting in an IP mismatch error and a failure to login to the VPN. These users should also use the ‘UCI-classic’ or the ‘UCIFull-classic’ option from the ‘group’ pulldown menu for the time being.

When using either of the -classic options above, users should type the word ‘push’ (without the quotes) into the field below where they enter their password, and they will receive a Duo push notification and will be able to login.

We are investigating reports of user’s inability to connect to the campus VPN via the Cisco Anyconnect client.

For now, the workaround is to choose a different connection group when connecting to either campus VPN ( or From the drop-down menu either “UCI-classic” or “UCIFull-classic”. A window will appear below the password field. Type the word ‘push’ (without the quotes) and select OK, and you will receive a Duo push notification and will be able to login.

Status: Resolved


Contact the OIT Help Desk if you have questions or further issues.

Updated on: July 13, 2021 11:45 am

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