Chrome plugins interfering with Duo


We have received reports from some Chrome users that they are unable to reach the UCI Multifactor Login screen. This is a known issue with some ad blockers (like Ad Blocker Plus and others) and Grammarly after a recent Chrome update to version 75.0.3770.80. The bug has been logged and the issue is documented on the Chromium website.

The issue appears to be isolated to Chrome, so there are a few workarounds:

1) Check to see if your ad blocker or Grammarly plugins have whitelists, and if so please add and try again.
2) Temporarily disable the plugin when you arrive to the UCI Multifactor Login screen and then refresh the page.
3) Remove the plugins.
4) Roll back to an older version of Chrome, or wait until Google release an update to Chrome that hopefully addresses the bug.
5) Use another browser.

Unfortunately the issue is not with Duo itself and therefore there is nothing OIT or the vendor can do to resolve the issue. The hope is that Google will address the issue with an update in the near future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause some of our users.

Status: Resolved


Google has updated Chrome to 75.0.3770.90 and the Grammarly plugin bug appears to have been fixed.

Contact the OIT Help Desk if you have questions or further issues.

Updated on: June 13, 2019 8:45 am

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