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UPDATE 1500. McGaugh Hall & Med Surge 2- Network Service Degradation


UPDATE 1500. There was an electrical power glitch on the Irvine Campus affecting a number of buildings. the power glitch occurred at 2:01 PM on Wednesday January 17. Power was restored quickly. the following buildings have network equipment that must be replaced:

305 – Engineering Lecture Hall – FacNet services
503 – McGaugh Hall, second floor (switch 5032-eswj)
812 – Med Surge 2, second floor (8122-c35a-201c and 8122-c35a-201d)

replacement equipment is being prepared. the expectation is that all failed equipment will be replaced and service returned by 4:15 PM.

another announcement will be sent out once the failed network switches are replaced.

buildings we know that were affected by the power glitch:

221 – Paul Merage School of Business 2
305 – Engineering Lecture Hall
413 – Physical Sciences Classroom Building
503 – McGaugh Hall
601 – Humanities Hall
812 – Med Surge 2
820 – Gottschalk Medical Plaza
829 – Plumwood House
839 – Sprague Hall
T01 – 100 Theory in the URP

We are investigating reports of a network outage affecting the 2nd floor of McGaugh Hall and the 2nd floor of Med Surge 2. No ETA at this time.

Status: Resolved


Service has been restored.

Contact the OIT Help Desk if you have questions or further issues.

Updated on: January 17, 2018 3:42 pm

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