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Network Issues to UCSD


The network connection between UCSD and UCI appears to be having issues.
Any UCI services hosted at UCSD appear to be affected.
Our network engineers are currently investigating.

Updated at 9:10am:

as of about 5:30 AM on Tuesday, November 5 – UCI is unable to reach UCSD and SDSC (San Deigo Super Computer Center) sites. early this morning, the SDSC experienced some hardware failures that caused them to lose some BGP routing sessions with CENIC. UCI is dependent on those lost sessions for connectivity to the San Diego campus.

the SDSC staff is fully aware of the predicament and is working to resolve the hardware issues. we do not have an ETR and ask for your patience with this situation.

Status: Resolved


Resolution Issue resolved. Please report any further issues to the Help Desk at or 949-824-2222

Contact the OIT Help Desk if you have questions or further issues.

Updated on: November 6, 2013 8:47 am

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