ReadyTalk Teleconference Service

As of July 2016, the UC-wide ReadyTalk agreement expired and was not renewed. Use of ReadyTalk is no longer covered by any UC-wide contractual protections.  However, you may still use ReadyTalk.  As an alternative, OIT encourages you to consider using Zoom, a Web, Video and Audio Conferencing Service that is under UC contract.

In the right place? If you need audio-only, you may want to use the Conference Call Feature available on UCI phones.

Learn About ReadyTalk Conferences and Support Functions

  • Visit the ReadyTalk Web site ( and use the tabs for instructions and training guides.
    • Services tab:
      • Brief descriptions of ReadyTalk’s services.
    • Support & Training Tab
      • Sign up for a live training session or access recorded sessions
      • User Guides, quick reference card
      • Download your login information
      • View system requirements
      • Download Quick Launcher, Outlook Scheduler
    • New! ReadyTalk Quicklauncher
      • Start and Join ReadyTalk Web Meetings with a single click.
      • Start an Audio Meeting by having the audio bridge dial you into your meeting.
      • Launch ReadyTalk’s full service Conference Center to manage your scheduled meetings.
      • Invite others to your Web and Audio Meetings.
      • The ReadyTalk Quick Launcher resides in your taskbar and is available any time you want to start, join or invite someone to a meeting.

Decide on the Type of Conference and Any Additional Services

  • Conference types:
    • Audio conference
      • Reservationless
        • The most cost-effective at less than 3 cents per minute per participant
        • Maximum of 96 participants. If you have more participants, contact ReadyTalk at (800) 843-9166.
      • Reserved, or Operator-Assisted
        • Contact ReadyTalk at (800) 843-9166.
    • Web conference
      • No additional cost
      • Deliver visual content and interactive presentations to your meeting.
  • Additional conference services: See ReadyTalk’s Online User Guide  for more information, or contact ReadyTalk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to:
    • Record your conference for less than 3 cents per minute.
    • Order Archive Hosting for 20 cents per month (this includes unlimited replays of your recordings.

Plan Your Teleconference

  • Decide on the date and time. (Consider time zones.)
  • Contact participants ahead of time and give them the following information:
    • Date
    • Time
    • U.S. toll-free number (or international toll-free number if you’re paying for the long distance charges for your international participants, or provide them with the toll number if you prefer that they pay the toll charges)
    • 7-digit access code
    • Specify whether it is an audio conference, or both audio and Web. If there is a Web component, give participants the URL:
      They can join the meeting by typing the 7 digit access code in the Join a Meeting box on the Home Page.

Participate in the Teleconference

  • Call the phone number given to you by the host to join the conference at the arranged date and time. Remember to log on to ReadyTalk if the conference includes Web participation.
  • As a host, enter your 7-digit access code, press * on your phone keypad when prompted, then enter your passcode to start the conference.
  • As a participant, simply enter the given 7-digit access code when prompted.
    Note: To enable the touch-tone feature on your digital multi-button phone, press 9 before entering the 7-digit access code.