MiCollab User Documentation

MiCollab is a “soft phone” application used on a mobile device or computer that allows users to make and answer calls using a UCI phone number. 

MiCollab benefits:

  • Freedom to make or receive UCI calls from anywhere
  • Calls are routed to/from UCI phone numbers, not personal mobile phone numbers

New to MiCollab? Get started with the Quick Start Guide.

Need additional help? Select the device you’re using to run the application from the links below that go to our Knowledge Base. Each link provides instructions for basic phone functions. For more comprehensive user documentation and FAQ, see the User FAQ tab

Note: MiCollab offers additional features (such as Chat and Ad-hoc Meeting) that OIT does not support. OIT recommends you continue to use Microsoft Teams for messaging and Zoom for online meetings.

Calling Emergency Services With MiCollab

Calling 911 from the web browser or MiCollab app on your computer is highly discouraged, as the softphone will not be able to accurately report your location to emergency responders. If doing so is your only option, be prepared to report your precise location when calling. Calling 911 from your cell phone or a landline is the best option; both methods will allow for quicker location accuracy.

How to use MiCollab

New to MiCollab? Get started with the MiCollab Quickstart Guide.

  1. Getting started with the MiCollab Mobile App
  2. Getting started with the MiCollab Website or Computer App
  3. How to use Voicemail on MiCollab
  4. MiCollab User FAQ

MiCollab User Guides

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