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“How to use Speed Dial Edit & Web User Interface”

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Mitel IP Phone FAQs

Can I use MeetMe conference feature?

No, you cannot use the MeetMe feature, that is a Cisco feature.  The Mitel IP phone has the same conference feature as UCI digital and analog phones, please see

Do I need a privacy button?

No, the MNS buttons do not show any information about ongoing calls, it shows a different color to indicate line is in use.

Can I connect my headset to the Mitel IP Phone?

Yes, but you may need a specialDHSG/EHS cable. Please ask your headset provider.  See the Mitel IP training video above.

How can I see all my programmed buttons?

If more keys are in use than the display can show, a new page is created and the last Top SW key or the farthest right bottom SW key becomes the Page select key and you can browse through the different pages.

How do I program speed dials?

  • To program a speed dial button, press the free button you want programmed until you see the screen “Speed Dial Edit”.
  • Use the keypad to label (alpha or numeric) your speed dial.
  • Then use arrow pad to arrow down to “Number”, and enter the number for your speed dial.
  • If it is an off-campus number, remember to enter a “9” first for an outside line.
  • Press “Save”.
  • If you press the very bottom button on the left next to the two dots, it will give you access to additional speed dial buttons you can program.

Unfortunately, any speed dials you had on your Cisco IP phone could not be retained/transferred.

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