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Online Directory Update System (OLDUS) Help

Summary: There are three columns of data on each tab in OLDUS.  The tabs separate EMPLOYEES, STUDENT EMPLOYEES, and SPONSORED GUESTS.  Please review all listings periodically in order to keep the directory information current. If you don’t see an employee, student, or sponsored guest, that person is not assigned to the department code you are viewing.  If you have questions, or to add or remove a Department Directory Coordinator (DDC), send an email to OIT Directory Coordinator, and include OLDUS in the subject line.  Always provide the department code and UCInetID of the DDC you are adding or removing.

DDCs have the following responsibilities:
1. regularly reviewing and updating Individual directory listings (employees, sponsored guests, student-employees);
2. regularly reviewing and updating Department directory listings.

Please identify yourself within your department as the Directory Coordinator. Individuals should alert you if their directory listing needs to be updated. Authorized Department Directory Coordinators are the only people who can make changes to this data.

For help with UCPath issues, contact the new Employee Experience Center at (949) 824-0500 or email

Updating Directory Information

Click the department code link to see the individual listings which appear in alphabetical order. The default view is on the EMPLOYEE tab. There is a STUDENT employee tab to review and update student employee listings and a SPONSORED GUEST tab for retirees and guests from your department.

Click on the name and you will be presented with a form where you can change data in most fields. To change or add a ZOT code, click on the link and a second window will open for Distribution Services who maintains ZOT codes.

NAME: A name will be updated automatically after it is officially changed in UCPath or after the individual updates their PREFERRED NAME in UCPath.
E-MAIL ADDRESS: Instruct the employee to contact the OIT Service Desk at or they can call (949) 824-2222.
DEPARTMENT: The individual must be officially transferred through the UCPath.

Click the SUBMIT CHANGE REQUEST button. You will get a confirmation that your update was successful, but the changes will not be reflected in the UCI Directory immediately.

You cannot delete an individual. Please remove the data from the title, address, and fax fields. You may choose to change the phone number to a general department phone number for referral calls. Former employees will be removed from the UCI Directory as soon as they are coded as INACTIVE in UCPath.

New employees will be available in OLDUS after they have been processed through UCPath. As a DDC, you will receive an email notification when a new employee has been hired, prompting you to update the listing. There is no way to add an individual to the UCI Directory until they have been hired through UCPath or sponsored as a guest.

DDCs don’t have access to some employee directory fields. If an employee asks you to update this other data, please direct them to PHUpdate.  Fields available in PHUpdate are: Nickname, Emergency Cell, Project, Other Info, Picture URL, Home Page URL, Hours, Call Sign. Never add information to fields that don’t match the name of the field (i.e. don’t add an assistant’s name and contact info to the person’s Secondary Title field).

Click the SUBMIT CHANGE REQUEST button. You will get a confirmation that your update was successful and you will see the updated listing. The changes may not be reflected on your main department screen until the following day. Always click RELOAD or REFRESH to get the most current information.