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ChancellorHoward Gillman(949) 824-5111
Chief Campus CounselAndrea Gunn Eaton(949) 824-2880
Associate Chancellor and Chief of StaffLars Walton(949) 824-3326
Associate Chancellor, Human Resources, Chief Executive RoundtableRamona Agrela (949) 824-5962
Associate Chancellor, Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Whistleblower, Public Records, Administrative PoliciesKirsten Quanbeck(949) 824-5594
Associate Chancellor, Strategic Communications and Public AffairsRia Carlson(949) 824-7911
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Environmental Planning & SustainabilityRichard Demerjian(949) 824-7058
Executive Director, UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic EngagementMichelle Deutchman(949) 824-3003
Director, Intercollegiate AthleticsPaula Smith(949) 824-6932
Director, Internal Audit ServicesMichael Bathke(949) 824-6757

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Hal Stern (interim)(949) 824-6296
Associate Provost and Executive Vice ChancellorJeff Lefkoff(949) 824-7335
Vice Provost, Academic PlanningHal Stern(949) 824-9322
Vice Provost, Academic PersonnelDiane O'Dowd(949) 824-0663
Vice Provost, Career Pathways and Continuing EducationGary Matkin(949) 824-5525
Vice Provost, Teaching and LearningMichael Dennin(949) 824-7761, 2995
Vice Chancellor, Information Technology and DataTom Andriola(949) 824-8298
Associate Vice Chancellor,
Enrollment Management
Patricia Morales(949) 824-6701
Associate Vice Provost,
Academic Planning
Tracy Molidor(949) 824-4979
Assistant Vice Provost, Academic PersonnelMarianne Beckett(949) 824-7525
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Strategic InitiativesCarol Jun(949) 824-3840
Chief Global Affairs Officer and Assistant Vice Chancellor Global Engagement Victoria Jones(949) 824-7209
Chief Information Officer, Information TechnologyKian Colestock (interim)(949) 824-4059
Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director, Beall Center for Innovation and EntrepreneurshipRichard Sudek(949) 824-5135
Director, Financial Aid and ScholarshipsRebecca Sanchez(949) 824-5337
Executive Director, Undergraduate AdmissionsDale Leaman (949) 824-3581
University OmbudsmanMichael Chennault(949) 824-7256
University RegistrarElizabeth Bennett(949) 824-7982
Associate Chancellor, SustainabilityWendell Brase(949) 824-5107

Student Affairs

Vice Chancellor, Student AffairsWillie Banks(949) 824-6482
Associate Vice Chancellor,
Auxiliary Services and Business Enterprises
Brice Kikuchi (949) 824-2004
Associate Vice Chancellor,
Wellness, Health and Counseling Services
Marcelle Hayashida(949) 824-4642
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Communications and Special ProgramsEdgar Dormitorio(949) 824-4476
Assistant Vice Chancellor,
Dean of Students, Student Life & Leadership
Rameen Talesh (949) 824-5590
Associate Dean of StudentsSherwynn Umali(949) 824-7741
Executive Director of Student HousingTim Trevan(949) 824-5988
Director of Development, Major Gifts Tiana Johnson(949) 824-4101

Finance and Administration

Chief Financial Officer and Vice ChancellorRon Cortez(949) 824-0220
Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus OperationsRick Coulon(949) 824-5108
Associate Vice Chancellor and Campus Planning & Budget OfficerMartha Graciano(949) 824-9252
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller, Accounting and Fiscal ServicesLori Husein(949) 824-9268
Campus Architect and Assistant Vice Chancellor, Design and Construction ServicesBrian Pratt(949) 824-1212
Associate Vice Chancellor, Environmental and Facilities ServicesKarl Wolonsky(949) 824-5202
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Capital PlanningJanet Mason(949) 824-7668
Assistant Vice Chancellor, DFA Support ServicesDavid Ott(949) 824-4280
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Institutional Research and Decision SupportRyan Cherland(949) 824-4521
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Process ImprovementGrace Crvarich(949) 824-8886
Chief, Police Liz Griffin(949) 824-7797
Chief Procurement OfficerSnehal Bhatt(949) 824-7419
Director, Budget OperationsFree Moini(949) 824-6106
Director, Campus AssetsMary Beth Carney(949) 824-8964
Director, Internal Audit Michael Bathke(949) 824-6757
Director, Space ManagementGreg Jue(949) 824-8317
Director, Strategic PlanningKatherine Gallardo(949) 824-7676
Director, Trademarks and Strategic ContactsHung Pham(949) 824-8964
Director, Transportation and Distribution ServicesRon Fleming (949) 824-2695
Executive Director, Environmental Health and SafetyJohn Sterritt(949) 824-6889
Project Director, UCPathBob Moulton(949) 824-4526

University Advancement

Vice Chancellor, University Advancement & Alumni Relations Brian Hervey (949) 824-7915
Associate Vice Chancellor, University Advancement Karen Isble(949) 824-5674
Associate Vice Chancellor, UC Irvine Health AdvancementAndrew Welch(714) 456-3752
CFO, The UCI Foundation and Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance and AdministrationLynn Rahn (949) 824-8212
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advancement OperationsSandra Campero(949) 824-8381
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Vice Chancellor, Equity, Diversity, and InclusionDouglas Haynes(949) 824-1540
Executive Director, Office of Inclusive ExcellenceMarguerite Bonous-Hammarth(949) 824-9635
Associate Director, ADVANCE-Office of Inclusive ExcellenceRoxanne Cohen Silver(949) 824-2192
Assistant Director, Strategic Initiatives and PartnershipsJoseph Morales(949) 824-7455


Vice ChancellorPramod Khargonekar(949) 824-5796 
Associate Vice Chancellor, AdministrationMark Warner(949) 824-2579 
Associate Vice Chancellor, Research Bruce Morgan (949) 824-5677
Assistant Vice Chancellor,
Administrative Operations and Planning
Sinqui Musto(949) 824-4236
Director, UCI Research Cyberinfrastructure Center (RCIC)Philip Papadopoulos(949) 824-5343
Director, University Laboratory Animal ResourcesJeffrey Goodwin (949) 824-5271

UC Irvine Health Sciences

Vice Chancellor, Health AffairsSteve Goldstein
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief of StaffRebecca Brusuelas-James(949) 824-3673
Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs Alan Goldin(949) 824-9139
Chief Compliance Officer Valerie Dixon (714) 456-8778

UC Irvine Medical Center

Chief Executive Officer (Interim)Larry Anstine
Chief Operating OfficerChad Lefteris(714) 456-3329
Vice Dean, Clinical Affairs and President & CEO,
University Physicians & Surgeons
Manuel Porto(714) 456-7177
Chief Ambulatory OfficerNasim Afsarmanesh(714) 456-8153
Chief Compliance Officer Valerie M. Dixon(714) 456-8778
Chief Health Sciences CounselPeter Schneider(714) 456-2297 
Chief Human Resources Executive and Associate
Ramona Agrela(949) 824-5962
Chief Information OfficerJ. Scott Joslyn(714) 456-6818
Chief Medical OfficerWilliam C. Wilson(714) 456-6844
Chief Nursing Officer Pat Patton(714) 456-7902
Executive Director, Government AffairsChristopher Leo(714) 456-2967

Academic Units

Arts, Claire Trevor School of Stephen Barker(949) 824-8792
Biological Sciences, School ofFrank LaFerla(949) 824-5315
Business, Paul Merage School of Eric Spangenberg(949) 824-8470
Continuing EducationGary Matkin(949) 824-5525
Education, School ofRichard Arum(949) 824-2534
Engineering, Henry Samueli School of Gregory Washington(949) 824-4333 
Graduate Division Gillian Hayes(949) 824-1511
Humanities, School ofTyrus Miller(949) 824-6117
Information and Computer Sciences,
Donald Bren School of
Marios Papaefthymiou(949) 824-7427
Law, School ofSong Richardson(949) 824-7722
Medicine, School ofMichael Stamos(949) 824-1046
Nursing, Sue & Bill Gross School of Adey Nyamathi(949) 824-0470
Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Jan Hirsch(949) 824-0505
Physical Sciences, School ofJames Bullock(949) 824-6022 
Public Health, Program inBernadette Boden-Albala(949) 824-5735
Social Ecology, School of Nancy Guerra(949) 824-6094 
Social Sciences. School ofBill Maurer(949) 824-6801 
Undergraduate EducationMichael Dennin(949) 824-7761 

Academic Offices

African American StudiesFrank Wilderson(949) 824-4604
Anatomy & NeurobiologyChristine Gall(949) 824-8562
AnesthesiologyScott Engwall(714) 456-7414
AnthropologyKim Fortun(949) 824-0376
Art HistoryBert Winther-Tamaki(949) 824-3532
Arts-General Interdisciplinary StudiesStephen Barker(949) 824-6614 
Asian American StudiesJulia Lee(949) 824-4421
Biological ChemistryPeter Kaiser(949) 824- 9367
Biomedical EngineeringZoran Nenadic(949) 824-9691
Campuswide Honors CollegiumTed Wright(949) 824-5461
Chemical & Biomolecular EngineeringVasan Venugopalan(949) 824-6412
ChemistryDoug Tobias(949) 824-6018 
Chicano / Latino Studies Louis DeSipio(949) 824-1420
Civil & Environmental EngineeringSunny Jiang(949) 824-5527
ClassicsAndromache Karanika(949) 824-1077
Clinical Cancer CenterFrank Meyskens(714) 456-5081, 6310
Cognitive SciencesRamesh Srinivasan(949) 824-2969
Community & Environmental MedicineDaniel Menzel(949) 824-8642 
Comparative LiteratureJane Newman(949) 824-6406
Computer ScienceAlex Nicolau(949) 824-4079
Criminology Law & SocietyCheryl Maxson(949) 824-5150
Dance Lisa Naugle(949) 824-5744 
Demographic & Social Analysis David Schaefer(949) 824-6245
DermatologyChristopher Zachary(949) 824-5515
Developmental & Cell BiologyThomas Schilling(949) 824-2458
DramaDon Hill(949) 824-3882
Earth System ScienceEric Rignot(949) 824-3739
East Asian StudiesHu Ying(949) 824-0594
Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyJames Hicks(949) 824-6386
EconomicsWilliam Branch(949) 824-4221
Electrical Engineering & Computer ScienceKumar Wickramasinghe(949) 824-2213
Emergency MedicineJohn Christian Fox (interim)(714) 456-2917
EnglishMichael Szalay(949) 824-6715 
Environmental Health, Science, and PolicyJonathan Ericson(949) 824-7261 
EpidemiologyKaren Edwards(949) 824-9054
European Languages and StudiesDavid Pan(949) 824-6406
Excellence in Writing & Communication, Center forJonathan Alexander(949) 824-3849
Family MedicineCynthia Haq(714) 456-5530
Film and Media StudiesFatimah Tobing Rony(949) 824-3532
Gender and Sexuality StudiesJennifer Terry(949) 824-4523
Global and International StudiesEve Darian-Smith(949) 824-3744
HistoryHeidi Tinsman(949) 824-6521
Humanities Core Course Nasrin Rahimieh(949) 824-1964
Humanities Language Learning ProgramAndrew Zissos(949) 824-7254
InformaticsAndre van der Hoek(949) 824-6326
Language ScienceLisa Pearl(949) 824-2307
Latin American StudiesAlex Borucki(949) 824-6521
Learning & Academic Resource Center - LARCRon Mudd(949) 824-6451
Logic & Philosophy of Science Simon Huttegger(949) 824-3220
Materials Characterization, Center for the Jian-Guo Zheng (949) 824-0441
Materials Science and EngineeringJulie Schoenung(949) 824-2725
MathematicsMichael Cranston(949) 824-5510 
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringKen Mease(949) 824-8451
MedicineAlpesh Amin(714) 456-3785
Medicine, Science & Technology Studies Masters ProgramDamien Sojoyner(949) 824-0646
Microbiology & Molecular GeneticsRozanne Sandri-Goldin (949) 824-7570
Molecular Biology & BiochemistryCelia Goulding(949) 824-8771
MusicStephen Tucker(949) 824-0225
National Fuel Cell Research CenterJack Brouwer(949) 824-1999 
Neurobiology & BehaviorMarcelo Wood(949) 824-2259
Neurological SurgeryFrank Hsu(714) 456-6966
NeurologyTahseen Mozaffar(714) 456-7352 
Newkirk Center for Science and SocietySimon Cole(949) 824-3119
Obstetrics & GynecologyRobert Bristow(714) 456-5968 
Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Center forDean Baker(949) 824-8690 
OphthalmologyBaruch Kuppermann(949) 824-8089 
Orthopaedic SurgeryNitin Bhatia (interim)(714) 456-1699
OtolaryngologyWilliam Armstrong(714) 456-5750
Pathology and Laboratory MedicineEdwin Monuki(949) 824-9604
PediatricsKhanh-Van Le-Bucklin (Interim)(714) 456-8470
PharmacologyOliver Civelli(949) 824-2522
Pharmaceutical SciencesRichard Chamberlin(949) 824-1239
PhilosophyAnnalisa Coliva(949) 824-6525
Physical Medicine & RehabilitationFrank Hsu(714) 456-6966
Physics & AstronomyTim Tait(949) 824-7727
Physiology & BiophysicsMichael Cahalan (949) 824-7776
Plastic SurgeryGregory Evans(714) 456-5253
Political ScienceJeffrey Kopstein(949) 824-4012
Psychiatry & Human Behavior UCIMC Ruth Benca(714) 456-7209
Psychological ScienceChuansheng Chen(949) 824-8168
Radiation OncologyNilam Ramsinghani(714) 456-5651 
Radiological SciencesAlpesh Amin (interim)(714) 456-7517
Religious StudiesSusan Klein(949) 824-8165
Social Policy and Public Service Jeanett Castellanos(949) 824-9010
SociologyMatt Huffman(949) 824-6460
Spanish & PortugueseLuis Aviles (949) 824-7268
StatisticsDaniel Gillen(949) 824-9862
Studio ArtYong Soon Min(949) 824-5779
Summer SessionsGary Matkin(949) 824-5525 
SurgeryNinh Nguyen(714) 456-8598
Thesaurus Linguae GraecaeMaria Pantelia(949) 824-7709, 7031
Undergraduate/UndeclaredKim Ayala(949) 824-6987
Urban Planning & Public Policy Virginia Parks (949) 824-4384
UrologyJaime Landman(714) 456-6047
Visual StudiesKristen Hatch(949) 824-1124

Interdisciplinary Programs

Culture and Theory Sora Han(949) 824-7269
Deconstructing Diversity InitiativeTeresa Neighbors(949) 824-9229
Diversity, Inclusion & Racial Healing Ambassador ProgramTeresa Neighbors(949) 824-9229
Global ConnectStephanie Hertel(949) 824-9407
Mathematical, Computational, and Systems Biology (MCSB) Graduate Program John Lowengrub(949) 824-8456
Olive Tree InitiativeDaniel Wehrenfennig(949) 824-9062
Summer Academic Enrichment ProgramTeresa Neighbors(949) 824-9299
Transportation ScienceMichael McNally(949) 824-8462
UCI EsportsMark Deppe(949) 824-9098

Organized Research Units & Other Research Programs

Advanced ComputingIsaac Scherson(949) 824-8144 
Advanced Power & Energy ProgramScott Samuelsen(949) 824-5468 
Beckman Laser InstituteMatthew Brenner (interim)(949) 824-4713
California Census Research Data CenterMatthew Freedman(949) 824-8257
California Institute for Telecommunications
& Information Technology - Calit2
G.P. Li(949) 824-9073 
Cancer CenterRichard Van Etten(714) 456-8031
Cancer Research InstituteMarian Waterman(949) 824-2885
Center for Administrative Data AnalysisAndrew Penner(949) 824-8411
Center for Asian StudiesQitao Guo(949) 824-6521
Center for Citizen PeacebuildingDavid Snow(949) 824-9323
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience & EngineeringJeff Krichmar(949) 824-5888
Center for Complex Biological Systems Arthur Lander (949) 824-1721
Center for Demographic & Social AnalysisJudy Treas(949) 824-8324
Center for Embedded and Cyber-physical SystemsFadi Kurdahi(949) 824-8104
Center for EthnographyGeorge Marcus(949) 824-5345
Center for Global Peace
& Conflict Studies
Stergios Skaperdas(949) 824-4167
Center for Hydrometeorology & Remote Sensing Soroosh Sorooshian (949) 824-8825
Center for Language ScienceGreg Hickok(949) 824-1409
Center for Pervasive
Communications and Computing
Ender Ayanoglu(949) 824-5689 
Center for Population, Inequality, and PolicyDavid Neumark
Tim Allen Bruckner
(949) 824-8496
(949) 824-6434
Center for Research on International MigrationFrank Bean(949) 824-7497
Center for Research on Information Technology & Organizations (CRITO)Vijay Gurbaxani (949) 824-5664
Center for the Advancement of Logic, its Philosophy, History & Applications (C-ALPHA)Kai Wehmeier(949) 824-7792
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & MemoryJohn Guzowski (949) 824-5193
Center for Virus ResearchBert Semler(949) 824-7573
Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and MoralityKristen Monroe(949) 824-6092
Critical Theory InstituteJames Steintrager(949) 824-6712
Developmental Biology CenterLawrence Marsh (949) 824-5957 
Educational Partnerships, Center forStephanie Reyes-Tuccio(949) 824-9052
Experimental Social Science LaboratoryMichael McBride(949) 824-7417
Filene Center of Excellence for Emerging TechnologyBill Maurer(949) 824-6801
General Clinical Research CenterDan Cooper(714) 456-2317
Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI)Hoda Anton-Culver(949) 824-7416
Health Policy Research InstituteSheldon Greenfield
Sherrie Kaplan
(949) 824-7286
Humanities CenterJudy Wu(949) 824-9596
H.O.T. - Humanities Out There Amanda Swain(949) 824-1948
Humanities Research Institute UCDavid
Theo Goldberg
(949) 824-8180
Institute for Brain Aging & DementiaCarl Cotman(949) 824-5847 
Institute for Geonomics & BioinformaticsPierre
(949) 824-5809 
Institute for International, Global and Regional StudiesEve Darian-Smith(949) 824-3744
Institute for Mathematical Behavioral SciencesZygmunt Pizlo(949) 824-8651
Institute for Money, Technology & Financial InclusionBill Maurer(949) 824-6802
Institute for Software ResearchRichard Taylor(949) 824-6429 
Institute for Surface & Interface ScienceReginald Penner (949) 824-4039, 8572
Institute for Virtual Environments & Computer GamesMagda el Zarki (949) 228-8584
Institute of Geophysics & Planetary PhysicsSusan Trumbore(949) 824-6142 
Institute of Transportation Studies Stephen Ritchie (949) 824-4214
Integrated Nanosystems Research FacilityG. P. Li(949) 824-4194 
Jack W. Peltason Center for the Study of DemocracyGraeme Boushey
Sara Goodman
(949) 824-2904
Labor StudiesGil Gonzalez(949) 824-5273 
Long U.S.-China InstituteEmily Baum(949) 824-6521
National Fuel Cell Research CenterScott Samuelsen(949) 824-1999
Reeve-Irvine Research CenterOswald Steward(949) 824-5925 
Statistical Consulting CenterBabak Shahbaba(949) 824-0623
Thesaurus Linguae GraecaeMaria Pantelia(949) 824-7709 
UCI Applied InnovationRichard Sudek(949) 824-2683
UCI Combustion LaboratoryVince McDonell(949) 824-5950
UCI Research Cyberinfrastructure Center (RCIC)Philip Papadopoulos(949) 824-5343
UCI WEX Center (Research at the Water-Energy Nexus)Diego Rosso(949) 824-8661
Water UCIDavid Feldman(949) 824-9146

Administrative Offices

Academic PersonnelMarianne Beckett(949) 824-7525
Academic SenateLinda Cohen(949) 824-7685
Accounting & Fiscal ServicesMarc Guerra (949) 824-9268
Administrative Policies OfficeRachel Gamby(949) 824-8713
AthleticsPaula Smith(949) 824-6932
Bren Events CenterDaniel Spitzer(949) 824-5050 
Campus Assault Prevention ProgramDonna Norris(949) 824-7273
Campus OrganizationsDarlene Esparza(949) 824-7759
Campus RecreationGreg Rothberg (949) 824-8502
Campus RecordsStephanie Tenney(949) 824-3454
Capital PlanningJanet Mason(949) 824-7668
Career Pathways, Division ofSuzanne Helbig(949) 824-7366
CashierDianne Bean(949) 824-6918
Child Care ServicesLaura Finley-Sanbrano(949) 824-2100
Cross-Cultural CenterMarcela Ramirez-Stapleton(949) 824-2001
Design & Construction ServicesBrian Pratt(949) 824-1212
Disability Services Center Karen Andrews(949) 824-7494
Education Abroad ProgramGail Hart(949) 824-6343
Emergency ManagementRandy Styner (949) 824-7147
Emeriti & Retirees, Center forJeri Frederick(949) 824-7769
English as a Second LanguageJerry Lee(949) 824-6781
Enrollment ManagementPatricia Morales(949) 824-5337
Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Services Marc Gomez (949) 824-6889
Environmental Planning & SustainabilityRichard Demerjian(949) 824-7058
Equal Opportunity & DiversityKirsten Quanbeck(949) 824-5594
Equipment ManagementHelen Chang(949) 824-6111
Facilities Management Karl Wolonsky(949) 824-5202
Film & Media StudiesPeter Krapp(949) 824-8596
Financial Aid & ScholarshipsRebecca Sanchez(949) 824-5337
Financial Services / Campus Billing ServicesLeslie Wolbers(949) 824-4687
Fleet ManagementKaren Allen(949) 824-4132
Global Engagement, Office ofVictoria Jones(949) 824-7209
Human ResourcesPamela James(949) 824-8311
Humanities StudioArianne Schultheis(949) 824-6344
Information Technology, Office ofKian Colestock (interim)(949) 824-4059
Institutional Research, Office OfRyan Cherland(949) 824-4521
Internal AuditMichael Bathke(949) 824-6757
International Center Anna Wimberly (949) 824-7249
Learning and Academic Resource Center - LARC(949) 824-6451
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Transgender Resource Center
Davidian Bishop (949) 824-3277
LibrariesLorelei Tanji(949) 824-5212
Newkirk Center for Science and SocietySimon Cole(949) 824-3119
Ombudsman, UniversityMichael Chennault (949) 824-7256
PoliceLiz Griffin(949) 824-7797
Procurement ServicesSnehal Bhatt(949) 824-7419
Public RecordsEric Digman (949) 824-9639
Research AdministrationChristina Hansen(949) 824-5677
Scanning & Passport ServicesVanessa Lopez(949) 824-1211
Small Business ProgramKatja Grigorova(949) 824-5942
Sorority & Fraternity LifeEkpeju "Ed" E-Nunu(949) 824-2449
Student Government Student Media (ASUCI/AGS)Stephanie Van Ginkel(949) 824-2400
Student Health CenterAlbert Chang(949) 824-7010
Student Success Initiatives Kevin Huie(949) 824-7328
Student Wellness & Health Promotion, Center for Doug Everhart(949) 824-9355
Transportation & Distribution ServicesRon Fleming(949) 824-2695
Tutorial Assistance ProgramCraig Longuevan(949) 824-7026
UCI Emeritae/i AssociationKivie Moldave(949) 824-6204
UCI FoundationJacqueline Barbera(949) 824-5618
UCI Institute and Museum for California Art - UCI IMCAKim Kanatani(949) 476-0294
UCI Student CenterAmy Schulz (interim)(949) 824-5252
UCI Washington DC Center ProgramMatthew Beckmann(949) 824-5400
University EditorAliya Thomas(949) 824-5600
University RegistrarElizabeth Bennett(949) 824-7982
University/Industry Research & TechnologyDavid Schetter(949) 824-7295
University Laboratory Animal ResourcesJeffrey Goodwin (949) 824-7788
Veteran Services Adeli Duron (949) 824-8045

Undergraduate Student Association Officers - ASUCI

Main Office(949) 824-2400 
President (949) 
Vice President, Academic Affairs  (949)
Vice President, External  (949)
Vice President, Internal  (949)
Vice President, Student Services   (949)

Graduate Student Association Officers - AGS

Main Office(949) 824-5625 
Vice President Internal Affairs 
Vice President Administrative Affairs 
Vice President External Affairs 
Vice President Financial
Vice President Social Affairs 

Affiliates and Support Groups

Anteater Athletic Fund(949) 824-0055
Biological Sciences Dean's Leadership Council (949) 824-2734
Biomedical Engineering Corporate Advisory Board (949) 824-6563
Chancellor's Club (949) 824-8663
Chief Executive
(949) 824-1540
Civil & Environmental Engineering Afilliates (949) 824-1259
Emeriti Association (949) 824-7769
Engineering Alumni Society (949) 824-8546
Engineering Corporate Affiliates(949) 824-3088
Engineering Partners (949) 824-5094
Friends of the Arboretum (949) 824-5833 
Friends of the Center for the
Neurobiology of Learning & Memory
(949) 824-5193
Leadership Council for the
Center for the Study of Democracy 
(949) 824-2904
Legacy Society (949) 824-6454
Partners of the UCI Libraries (949) 824-4658 
Paul Merage School of Business Alumni Network (949) 824-8470
Paul Merage School of Business Corporate Partners (949) 824-8470
Paul Merage School of Business Director's Board (949) 824-8470
Paul Merage School of Business Real Estate Advisory Board (949) 824-8470
School of the Arts Circle for the Arts (949) 824-8792
School of the Arts
Creative Technology Group 
(949) 824-6691
School of the Arts
Dean's Advisory Council 
(949) 824-8750 
School of the Arts
Theater Guild 
(949) 824-6614
School of Medicine Research Associates (949) 824-9157 
School of Social Ecology,
Dean's Leadership Council 
(949) 824-0383
School of Social Sciences Dean's Leadership Society(949) 824-8079
Science Education Advisory Board (949) 824-6390 
Susan Samueli Center for Complementary
& Alternative Medicine Board of Advisors 
(949) 824-5763
UCI Alumni Association
& Association Chapters 
(949) 824-2586
UCI Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (949) 824-8561
UCI Faculty & Associates (949) 824-7749 
UCI Foundation (949) 824-5618
UCI Medical Center Staff (714) 456-5521


Diana Arsharuni(714) 456-6984Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation UCIMC101 The City Drive South, Building 53, Room 311A, Orange
David Puig(949) 824-0957Transportation & Distribution ServicesUCI Campus

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