Service Request Form Instructions

OIT representatives are here to assist you, please call (949) 824-2222 or send e-mail to

Please note, a separate form is required for each phone number or line ID number. Recharge/billing changes may not be submitted on the same form requesting other services, such as change location, etc.

Basic Information
Based on your UCInetID login, your contact information will be populated on your form.
Primary User
If known, please provide the first and last name of the primary user of this phone or data line.
Person Authorizing This Request/Funding
Enter the UCInetID of the person in your department who has approved the work.
Account Number
Provide the valid account number where all charges will be billed.
Estimate Only
Check the box if you want only an estimate of charges for the work described on the form.
Type of Service Requested
Select type of service being requested from the drop down list.
Current Location:
Provide this information if work will be performed on an existing phone line.
New Location:
Provide this information if installing a new line or moving an existing phone line.
Telephone Service Information
Choose an action from the drop down list.
Phone # or Line ID #
Provide the existing phone number for this order. If you have requested a new phone line, leave this field blank.
Instrument Type
Choose from the drop down list the type of new instrument you are requesting or NO CHANGES for an existing line.
Calling Area
Choose from the drop down list the calling area desired.
Click boxes for features for new service or changes.
Voicemail Service
Choose from the drop down list the level of voicemail service desired.
Voicemail Service Pager Notify
Provide a 10-digit phone number if you want to be notified of a voicemail message.
Please use this section to provide details on any order, including the requested due date (note, OIT lead time for 1 to 10 lines is five business days).