Summary of Telephone Services

OIT provides telephone service to the UCI campus. Below is a summary of the services we provide.


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for all telecommunications services required by the campus. The levels of service and kinds of equipment available are consistent with University telecommunications policy guidelines.  The office is located in building 423 Physical Sciences Quad, Administrative Modulars.  For assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 4-2222 or

Authorization Codes

Authorization codes allow departments to limit off-campus calls placed from their telephones and provide selected employees with authorization codes that bypass these off-campus restrictions. To place an “outside” call from a restricted telephone, the employee must dial the authorization code, wait for the confirmation tone, then place the “outside” call in the normal fashion.

Calls are charged by account number and are reported on the monthly telephone billing statements. Charges for these codes are $2 per code per month, with an installation charge of $10 to add, change, or delete each code. Responsibility for all charges to the authorization code rests with the individual department and authorization codes should be handled with the same confidentiality as a credit card number.  To order an Authorization Code, submit an OIT-Service Request Form.


OIT strongly encourages departments to review monthly billing statements.  Contact your Department Security Administrator (DSA) to set up your access through KSAMS. Direct-dial calls or improperly dialed calls cannot be adjusted.  Monthly service, equipment, and installation charges will appear and are for the previous month.  Departments have 30 days to dispute charges and/or request a credit. After that time, no adjustments will be made. Call 4-6388 if you have billing questions.

Conference Calling Services

The campus telephone system includes a conference call feature. You may place conference calls from any campus telephone. Conference calls are an economical way to meet with people, both on and off-campus. They are an easy, effective way of cutting travel time and expenses, allowing participants to work from their own offices or wherever they can be most productive.

Directory Assistance – Electronic Directory – Operator Services

Every department has a Department Directory Coordinator (DDC) who is responsible for making changes to directory information via the On-Line Directory Update System (OLDUS).  To find the name of your Department Directory Coordinator, or to view your own listing, visit the UCI Directory and click on the link at the bottom of the page.

The campus operator switchboard is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. The main campus telephone number is (949) 824-5011. Just dial “0” from an on-campus telephone.  An auto-attendant/phone tree is available when the switchboard is closed to assist callers with some frequently-called numbers.   Please note that because of the high volume of calls to UCI, we encourage students, faculty and staff to consult the UCI Directory at  Campus operators will not connect calls for on-campus users.


UCI Directory

The UCI Directory provides the most up-to-date information on departments, faculty, staff, and students at UCI.  It can be accessed through electronic mail applications (contact your department’s computing support coordinator to configure your mail application properly).  The campus operators use the UCI Directory for inquiries made by callers to the main UCI switchboard.

AT&T White Pages (Orange County Central)

The University of California, Irvine has a “CAPTION” listing in the AT&T Orange County Central directory.  Only departments who have specifically requested to be listed here are included.  The information in the caption listing is used for calls to Directory Assistance (411 or 555-1212).  This information is often shared with other directories throughout the country.  If your department is listed here, YOU HAVE A PUBLISHED NUMBER.  We cannot guarantee you won’t receive misdirected calls because your number is published.  Please pay close attention to the wording of your listing and the telephone number that is used.  Obviously, once the directory is PUBLISHED, changes cannot be made.  If a change is necessary after the directory is published, submit a change request for Directory Assistance calls.  To order a new listing, change an existing listing or remove a listing in the UCI caption, please submit an OIT-Service Request Form.

Disconnecting Telephone Equipment

Requests for disconnecting telephone equipment must be submitted on an OIT-Service Request Form and must include the following information:

  • The telephone number to be disconnected and the last day of service date. Disconnects cannot be retroactive.
  • UCInetID of the person authorizing the work.

Submit the OIT-Service Request Form on-line.


UCI’s telephone and voicemail systems offer many features. Detailed information can be found in our training guides.

Mobile / Cellular Phone Service

OIT provides information for wireless services for several different vendors. Users may choose ANY mobile vendor and pay for the equipment and monthly charges using a UCI PAL card.

Requesting Telephone Installations & Other OIT Services

Requesting New Installations

Requests for new installations must be submitted on an OIT-Service Request Form and must include the following information. Please submit one form for each line requested.

  • Type of equipment and class of service required for each line. Include diversion destination if call diversion is desired, include other desired features for each line.
  • UCInetID of the person authorizing the work.
  • Contact name and extension we can contact for clarification and proper placement of telephones.

Temporary Telephone Installations

OIT will coordinate temporary telephone service for University-sponsored conferences, meetings, seminars, etc. The sponsoring department will be responsible for all charges incurred which include installation charges, a monthly service charge billed at a one-month minimum, and any usage on the service for the time it is installed and working.

For events held on campus, the department must submit TWO OIT-Service Request Forms at least five working days prior to the required install date. Events being held off-campus require a lead time of 15 working days.  The first SRF is the request to install, the second SRF is the request for the disconnect.

Modification of Previously Submitted Orders

If changes are necessary after your order has been processed by OIT, the OIT-Service Request Form will have to be modified, resubmitted, and completed at a later date. Please do not ask the telephone technicians to make changes to the order as they can do only what the order specifies.

Lead Time for Installation

To ensure the timely installation of telephones, please allow the proper amount of lead time. For the installation of one to 10 telephone instruments in a department, please allow three to five working days from the time the request is received by OIT.

Orders involving more than 10 telephone instruments require more lead time. Please call 4-8977 for an estimate of the time required for your larger project.

Location of Equipment

All telephone terminal and cable facilities must be accessible at all times for installation and repair. Bookcases, ceiling tiles, file cabinets, and all other furniture blocking access to facilities must be moved in advance by the requesting department.


The campus telephone system is an integrated voice and data direct inward and outward dial digital PABX. Telephone users have access to the public telephone network depending upon the calling area restrictions of their individual telephone lines.

Telephone Equipment & Services

Types of Equipment

There are various types of equipment available for installation at UCI:

  • Single-line analog telephone sets
  • Multi-line digital telephone sets
  • Approved special purpose equipment such as fax machines

Class of Service

There are five classes of service available for University telephones:

  • Class 5: Campus dialing only
  • Class 4: Includes all campus extensions, 411, toll-free, all 7-digit numbers within 949, 714, 951, and 909 area codes
  • Class 3: Includes all of the above plus all of California
  • Class 2: Includes all of the above plus continental dialing (excludes Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Class 1: Includes all of the above plus Alaska, Hawaii, and all international locations

Telephone Repair

In many instances, the trouble can be quickly resolved by phone. However, if we are unable to resolve the problem remotely, we will dispatch a technician to your location within one working day. We will determine the cause of the problem and correct it within two working days from the receipt of your call. Please contact the OIT Help Desk at 4-2222 or to initiate a telephone repair ticket. Please see “Telephone Troubleshooting Guide”.

Voicemail Service

Your mailbox is private and accessible with a security code 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Messages can be received at any time, they may be saved, erased, or copied to another subscriber on the system. Voicemail alerts users to newly received messages by a flashing light on digital phones or a stuttered dial tone on analog phones.

Some Voicemail features include:

  • Receive voice messages from other Voicemail users on campus.
  • Receive voice messages from outside callers.
  • Send voice messages to other Voicemail users on campus.
  • Send messages to groups via pre-established group lists.
  • Listen to, scan or review messages.
  • Skip forward or backward while listening to messages.
  • Erase messages or save them for up to 60 days.
  • Copy a message to another mailbox.
  • Several greeting options are available.

Levels of Voicemail Service:

  1. Basic Voicemail service allows a maximum of 90 messages, with a three minute time allowance for each message, and a three minute time allowance for the outgoing greeting. The monthly cost is $4 per line.
  2. Announce Only Voicemail service provides an outgoing message of up to eight minutes to be played to your callers but does not allow messages to be left in your mailbox. The monthly cost is $12 per line.

To add Voicemail service, the one-time installation charge is $20 per line. A change to an existing mailbox is $10.

To order Voicemail service, please submit an OIT-Service Request Form.