Telephone Troubleshooting Guide

If you are having trouble with your campus telephone, the following tips may help. If you need further help, call (949) 824-2222 or 4-2222.

Tips and Tests

The following tips may help you resolve any problems you are having with your campus telephone. We have found that as many as 50% of all repair calls are resolved by simple tests and adjustments you can perform yourself. We recommend that you investigate the following possible solutions before calling for repair.

Calling for Repair

In many instances, the trouble can be quickly resolved by phone. However, if we are unable to resolve the problem remotely, we will dispatch a technician to your location within one working day. We will determine the cause of the problem and correct it within two working days from the receipt of your call.

Call the OIT Help Desk at (949) 824-2222 or extension 4-2222 if these tests do not solve the problem.

Information on your telephone’s functions:

If the problem persists and you need to call for repair (4-2222), please provide the following information:

  • The numbers and location (building and room) of all lines/instruments affected
  • The name and phone number of a contact person within the department
  • A brief description of the problem and when it occurred