UC Irvine AT&T White Pages Caption Listing

This page shows the UC Irvine “caption” listing which appears in the annual publication of the AT&T Orange County white pages telephone book, which is distributed throughout Orange County in November. The caption listing is also used by directory assistance operators for calls to 411 or (949) 555-1212. Numbers that appear in this caption listing are PUBLISHED TELEPHONE NUMBERS.  There is a $4.25 monthly charge for each listing/line of information, which is recharged by OIT against the listed phone number.  We will be moving to a $51 annual charge beginning 7/1/2016.  To make changes or to add or delete caption listings, please submit a OIT Service Request Form, providing details in the Comments section. If you have questions, please contact the OIT Directory Coordinator. Please include OLDUS in the subject line.  

Revised: January 29, 2016


      GENERAL INFORMATION……………………………….949 824-5011

      (additional caption listings will be here soon)