How to Update Directory Listings

Updating Your Listing



Your directory listing is compiled from data from three sources. One of these you can update yourself and the other two require outside assistance to update.

Personal Information: You can update some personal information in your own listing and your email delivery point.

Campus Supplied Information: Most of the campus supplied individual data, such as title or phone number must be updated by your Department Directory Coordinator (DDC).

Payroll Information: Finally, some information is provided directly by Payroll, such as the department you work in and your legal name (provided on your hiring documents). If you feel this information is incorrect, please start with your local DDC or your local Human Resources/Payroll person, most likely in your department’s business office.



Personal Information: You can update your email delivery point and some directory-related information.

Campus Supplied Information: Students can control which information appears in the campus directory and update other student information using the University Registrar’s StudentAccess service.

Updating Department Listings

If changes need to be made, contact the DDC for your department.

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