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911/Emergency Addresses and Your Cisco IP Phone - IMPORTANT

How does VoIP handle 911 calls?

The campus VoIP system supports the dialing of 911 emergency calls. Any 911 call placed from a campus telephone will automatically be routed to the UCIPD dispatcher. Telephones are assigned to a specific building and room with the physical connection (wall jack) of the phone instrument determining its E911 location.

When a campus user makes a 911 call, the specific building and room number assigned to that equipment will be reported to UCIPD. However, since VoIP phones are more “mobile” than traditional phones, it is important that users submit an OIT Service Request Form for every move or new installation. Users who wish to install or move a VoIP phone from its present location must submit an OIT Service Request Form. Thank you for helping to keep the campus telephone database and the E911 system current.

Cisco 7960 Phone

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Conference Call Feature

  • Conference Call Service
    The Cisco IP phones have a conference call feature. To use this feature, you need to reserve a Conference Number Extension, send an email to at least 24 hours prior to your conference call. There is NO CHARGE for this service, but you must reserve a Conference Extension Number.
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