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Group UCInetIDs

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Group UCInetID provides shared authentication to campus resources and a shared OIT Mailbox account to be used to conduct departmental business. Note: Group UCInetID naming is subject to approval by OIT. Group UCInetID names should be meaningful in a campus-wide context.

What is a Group UCInetID used for?

A Group UCInetID is used for:

  • Providing a shared UCInetID for authentication to campus resources on behalf of a department.
  • Authenticating to a shared mailbox account that is used to conduct departmental business, e.g.

A Group UCInetID costs $5 per month and is payable through departmental recharge. This fee is required to cover the administrative and licensing expenses required in provisioning and maintaining the mailbox and is non-negotiable. In some cases, a mailing list might be a better fit for customers who need a way to communicate with groups of users at no cost. You can learn more about Mailman & Google Group mailing lists here and here.

How do I request a Group UCInetID?

Gather the following information and fill out the Request A Group UCInetID Form.

  • The sponsor's UCInetID and password to login to the form.
  • 3 - 24 character name for the Group UCInetID
  • Description of how the Group UCInetID will be used
  • Bookkeeper's name
  • Recharge Number
  • ZOT Code

Group UCInetID Sponsor Responsibilities

The Group UCInetID must have a sponsor who is faculty or staff at UCI. The sponsor is responsible for activating the Group UCInetID using his or her own UCInetID, birth date, and Social Security Number. During the activation process, the sponsor chooses a password to be given to the members of the group.

In the event the sponsor leaves UCI or changes departments (and another user would like to become the sponsor), we can transfer the sponsorship to another person. We recommend asking the Help Desk to reset the Group UCInetID, which will allow the new sponsor to reactivate the UCInetID and to establish a new password. This is important because the new sponsor will not be able to reset the password in the event they forget it, because the UCInetID will still be tied to the old sponsor until we reset the UCInetID.

The sponsor is also responsible for insuring that the UCInetID and associated e-mail account are used in accordance with University policies, including the Computer Use Policy.