Service Support Levels

Below is an abbreviated list of service tasks for comparison between service levels. It is not an exhaustive list of service tasks provided.

 Service Level

Time and Materials

PaaS [1]



  Cost per system


$30/ mo. 

$135/ mo. 

$195/mo. min.
  Network connection/configuration x x x
  Intrusion detection response  x x x
  Kerberos Configuration x x x
  DUO Configuration x x x
  Security update installation for standard OS pkgs x x x
  Security scan and remediation x x x
  System data extraction/reporting: automatic x x
  System data extraction/reporting: on request x x
  Account creation/locking/deletion x x
  Quota management x x
  NFS/NIS configuration and support x x
  Boot script/configuration management x x
  Electronic mail configuration/support x x
  Routine peripherals/drivers/disks x x
  Special purpose peripherals/drivers/disks x x
  Software installation: Routine x x
  Software installation: Special Purpose x x
  GUI configuration/management x x
  Custom autoinstall configuration x x
  Performance analysis/tuning x x
  System relocation x x
  Hardware/VM upgrade/exchange x x
  Advanced software configuration and support x
  DevOps support x

[1] PaaS (aka Platform as a Service) provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure. The PaaS customer is accountable and responsible for the majority of daily operations support tasks.