zotAlert Troubleshooting

There are a variety of reasons that may be the cause of not receiving zotALERT text messages. If you are not receiving zotALERT text messages, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem.

It is critical that you take the time to correct the problem in order to receive future zotALERTS.

  1. Verify that your emergency cell number is correct. We have found instances where the number entered was a home telephone, was a disconnected number, had the incorrect area code, was one digit off, etc.
  2. Ensure that the cell number listed can receive text messages.
    • If you do not use text messaging on a regular basis, confirm with your cellular service provider that your service plan includes text messaging.
    • Plans vary among cellular service providers. Not all plans include text messaging.
    • If you do not receive a ZotALERT message, verify you are able to receive text messages by sending yourself a text message, or asking someone else to send you one.
    • Note: For users of Google Voice, you must enter your phone number provided by your cellular carrier. Google Voice does not directly accept text messages from service providers who use short codes to send text messages.
  3. Ensure that your cellular device does not have text messaging blocked. Some cellular carriers will allow peer-to-peer text messaging, but they may block text messages from third party mass marketing services or zotALERT messages.  For the zotALERT text messages to arrive successfully, no blocking should be on the account.
  4. Ensure that you have sufficient text message credits available. If you are on a pre-paid or pay as you go cellular plan, ensure that you always have sufficient credits available to receive a zotALERT text message.

Please contact the OIT Help Desk at oit@uci.edu or by phone at (949) 824-2222 if you have questions.