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Tuesday July 22nd, 2014

OIT Campus Wide Policies

Summary: Policies that affect the campus will be documented in this space. If you have question or concerns regarding any policy, please contact our staff at or call our IT Help Desk at (949) 824-2222 and ask to speak to a manager.

Campus Wide Policies

  1. Section 714-18, Computer & Network Use Policy (Final Draft 11/07)
  2. Section 800-10, Telecommunications System Guidelines (Revised 09/06)
  3. Section 800-11, Campus Radio Systems Guidelines (Revised 08/05)
  4. Section 800-12, Data Communication System Guidelines (Revised 11/95, Being Reviewed 11/07)
  5. Section 800-13, UCInet Guidelines (Revised 11/00, Being Reviewed 11/07)
  6. Section 800-15, UCI Guidelines for the UC Electronic Communications Policy (Revised 09/02, Revisions submitted 08/07, Final draft under review.)
  7. Section 800-17, UCI Implementation Guidelines for Notification in Instances of Security Breaches Involving Personal Information Data (Revised 09/06)
  8. Section 800-18, Security Guidelines for Computers and Devices Connected to UCInet (Issued 11/05)
  9. Copyright Policy Resources

UCInetID Deletion Policies