Computing Support Coordinators

What is a Computing Support Coordinator?

Computing Support Coordinator (CSC) is the label often used at UCI for anyone who participates in the support of computing in UCI departments.

What do local supporters do?

Local computing and network support staff provide a variety of standard functions and other duties as school and department needs dictate. They maintain local administrative, academic, and other applications, maintain local network and e-mail servers, and provide end-user assistance to faculty, staff and some students. (It is important to note that the majority of the direct help faculty and staff require should be supplied by local staff. OIT cannot provide in-person assistance on a campuswide basis).

  DepartmentSub-department  NamePhone
Advanced Power & Energy ProgramNational Fuel Cell Research CenterSteven Lee824-5950 x125
Applied InnovationDavid Thai824-0454
Associated Students (ASUCI)Aaron Echols824-2408
Biological SciencesBioSci Dean’s Office (OOD)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesCancer Research Institute (CRI)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesCenter for Complex Biological Systems (CCBS)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesCenter for Environmental Biology (CEB)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesCenter for Neurobiology and Memory (CNLM)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesCenter for Virus Research (CVR)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesDevelopmental and Cell Biology (DevCell)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesDevelopmental Biology Center (DBC)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesEcology and Evolutionary Biology (EcoEvo)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesExercise Medicine and Sport Sciences (EMSSI)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesIrvine Center for Addiction Neuroscience (ICAN)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesMinority Sciences Program (MSP)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesMolecular Biology and Biochemistry (MB&B) ( Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesNeurobiology and Behavior (NB&B)Help Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesEric Sanchez824-3555
Biological SciencesHelp Desk824-3555
Biological SciencesMatt Martinez824-8485
CalIT2Chris Battista824-0295
Campus Recreation (ARC)Suzanne Powell824-5727
Center for Hydrometerology and Remote SensingDan Braithwaite824-8823
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsKenton Kami824-0135
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsChristopher Wong824-3689
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsArtHelp Desk824-6691
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsDanceHelp Desk824-6691
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsDramaHelp Desk824-6691
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsMusicHelp Desk824-6691
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsHelp Desk824-6691
Claire Trevor School of the ArtsAdalid Aguilar824-8353
Combustion LabSteven Lee824-5950 x125
Continuing EducationChris Harvie (Network/SysAdmin)824-1898
Continuing EducationSandi Pearson - Help Desk/Account issues824-2539
Continuing EducationToan Chu - Manager824-6947
EducationHelp Desk824-5537
EducationRhett Lowe824-8564
EducationSpenser Clark824-5892
Engineering - Instructional computer labsLisa Preble824-3965
Engineering - Faculty, Students, and ResearchersBrian Hurling824-1713
Engineering - Administrative StaffLuis Monzon824-3452
Engineering - Security, NetworkDan Melzer824-5619
Engineering - subnet 20 - Combustion LabSteven Lee824-5950 x125
Health SciencesBeckman Laser InstituteJoseph Fu L Wu(714) 456-3621
Health SciencesDept of Medicine & Gillespie Neuroscience Research FacilityMike Watkins(714) 456-3881
Health SciencesBeckman Laser Institute & Gillespie Neuroscience Research FacilityDennis Rodriguez824-1135
Health SciencesBeckman Laser Institute & Gillespie Neuroscience Research FacilityCory Vincent824-2845
Health SciencesBeckman Laser Institute & Gillespie Neuroscience Research FacilityAndrew Cruz (Supervisor)824-2845
Health SciencesBiological Chemistry ( Desk824-3434
Health SciencesAcute Care & Burn SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesAllergy/ImmunologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesAnatomy & NeurobiologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesAnesthesiology & Perioperative CareHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesBasic and Clinical ImmunologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesBeckman Laser InstituteHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesBehavioral and Developmental PediatricsHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesBiological ChemistryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesCardiologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesCardiothoracic SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesColon & Rectal SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesCritical CareHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesCritical CareHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesDermatologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesDiagnostic/Imaging & Hospital ServicesHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesEmergency MedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesEndocrinologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesEpidemiologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesFamily MedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesGastroenterologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesGastrointestinal SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesGeneral Internal Medicine and Primary CareHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesGeneral PediatricsHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesGenetic and Genomic MedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesGeriatric Medicine & GerontologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesHematology/OncologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesHepatobiliary & Pancreas Surgery & Islet Cell TransplantationHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesHospitalistHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesInfectious DiseasesHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesMedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesMicrobiology & Molecular GeneticsHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesMolecular ImagingHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesMRI/NeuroradiologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesMusculoskeletalHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesNeonatal / Perinatal MedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesNephrologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesNephrology and HypertensionHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesNeuroendovascular RadiologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesNeurological SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesNeurologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesNeuroradiologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesNuclear MedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesObstetrics & GynecologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesOccupational and Environmental MedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesOphthalmologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesOrthopaedic SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesOtolaryngology-Head & Neck SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPathology & Laboratory MedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPediatricsHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPharmacologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPhysical Medicine & RehabilitationHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPhysics & EngineeringHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPhysiology & BiophysicsHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPlastic SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPsychiatryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPsychiatry & Human BehaviorHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPulmonary Diseases and Critical Care MedicineHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesPulmonologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesRadiation OncologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesRadiological SciencesHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesRheumatologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesRheumatologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesSurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesSurgical OncologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesTransplantationHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesTraumaHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesUltrasoundHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesUrologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesVascular & Endovascular SurgeryHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesVascular/Interventional RadiologyHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesStem Cell Research CenterHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesIrvine Campus & UCI Medical CenterHelp Desk824-3434
Health SciencesGHEI - Gavin Herbert Eye InstituteChris Ray824-4596
Health SciencesBeckman Laser InstituteRichard Diaz (Director)824-5784
Health SciencesBeckman Laser Institute and ClinicRichard Diaz824-5784
Health SciencesMind Research Unit (MRU)Dan Hoang824-6707
Health SciencesMind Research Unit (MRU)Nadim Madi824-8136
Health SciencesIrvine CampusDennis Rodriguez824-8518
Health SciencesPublic HealthPeter Moua824-9730
HousingMarkus Quon824-4581
HumanitiesStan Woo-Sam824-4869
HumanitiesDwayne Pack824-5274
HumanitiesHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesAfrican American StudiesHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesArt HistoryHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesAsian American StudiesHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesClassicsHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesComparative LiteratureHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesEast Asian Languages and LiteraturesHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesEnglishHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesEuropean Languages & StudiesHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesFilm and Media StudiesHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesHistoryHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesPhilosophyHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesSpanish and PortugueseHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesStudiesHelp Desk824-7609
HumanitiesMarcie Hague824-8506
HumanitiesTD Duong824-9126
HumanitiesWylie Visconti824-4652
Humanities Research Institute (HRI)James McMillan824-4226
ICHA (Irvine Campus Housing Authority)Randy Hanson(949) 474-9533 x225
Information & Computer Science (ICS)ICS Help Desk824-4222
Information & Computer Science (ICS)Computer Science DepartmentICS Help Desk824-4222
Information & Computer Science (ICS)Informatics DepartmentICS Help Desk824-4222
Information & Computer Science (ICS)Statistics DepartmentICS Help Desk824-4222
Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)Jared Sun824-6489
Integrated Nanosystems Research FacilityPaul Bautista824-0322
Law SchoolEnrique Morones824-1434
Law SchoolJoe Macavinta824-0937
Law SchoolHelp Desk824-1434
LibraryHelp Desk824-8535
Merage School of BusinessMatt Heinlein824-2014
Merage School of BusinessBryan Hua824-8684
Merage School of Business: Faculty/StaffHelp Desk824-4357
Merage School of Business: StudentsHelp Desk824-4567
OITHelp Desk824-2222
Physical SciencesTory Graziano824-1380
Physical SciencesJim Dao824-3041
Physical SciencesChemistryHelp Desk824-6377
Physical SciencesEarth System ScienceHelp Desk824-6377
Physical SciencesMathematicsHelp Desk824-6377
Physical SciencesPhysics & AstronomyHelp Desk824-6377
Physical SciencesHelp Desk824-6377
Physical SciencesRichard North824-8565
Social EcologyJennifer Lane824-1951
Social EcologyJohn Salinas824-7019
Social EcologyHelp Desk824-8202
Social EcologyPlanning, Policy, and DesignHelp Desk824-8202
Social EcologyCriminologyHelp Desk824-8202
Social EcologyLaw and SocietyHelp Desk824-8202
Social EcologyPsychology and Social BehaviorHelp Desk824-8202
Social EcologySocial Ecology Core ProgramHelp Desk824-8202
Social SciencesAnthropologyHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesChicano/Latino StudiesHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesCognitive SciencesHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesEconomicsHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesLinguisticsHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesLogic and Philosophy of ScienceHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesPolitical ScienceHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesSociologyHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesHelp Desk824-5476
Social SciencesHenry Yen824-5476
Social SciencesAndy Hill824-7720
Student AffairsAnteater Community Resource Center (ACRC)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsAnteater Recreation Center (ARC)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsCafe Med Resource CenterHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsCenter for Black Cultures, Resources & Research (CBCRR)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsChild Care ServicesHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsChildrens CenterHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsCross-Cultural Center (CCC)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsDisability Services Center (DSC)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsEarly Childhood Education CenterHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsExtended Day CenterHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsGreek LifeHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsHospitality and Dining Services (HDS)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsInfant Toddler CenterHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsInternational Center (IC)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsLGBT Resource Center (LGBTRC)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsOffice of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct (AISC)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsOffice of Campus Organizations (CO)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsOffice of the Dean of Students (DOS)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsOffice of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsOrientation ProgramsHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsOVCSA DevelopmentHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsStudent Life & Leadership (SLL)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsStudent Life and Leadership (SLL)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsThe Hill Bookstore (BN College)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsVerano PreschoolHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsVeteran Services Center (VSC)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsVolunteer Programs OfficeHelp Desk824-2222
Student AffairsWomxns Hub (W-Hub)Help Desk824-2222
Student AffairsHelp Desk824-2222
Student Affairs - Vice Chancellor's OfficeWayne Fields824-2581
Student Center & Event ServicesPatrick Tsuchihashi824-6535
Student GovernmentAaron Echols824-2408