Apple vs. PC Platform Comparison

Which platform is right for me?

OIT Desktop Support has a variety of services in place to ensure a machine is secure, functional, and backed up. These mechanisms are deployed automatically on a PC and require some workaround on the Mac. This does not in any way indicate you should not purchase and use a Mac.

What it does mean is that OIT has workarounds for most of the services that are available on the PC however the experience is a bit less automated and seamless. Below are some examples of situations where we feel a Mac experience currently works best.

When it’s best to use a Mac

  • If your department does not have any applications that were specifically written to only run in Windows.
  • As a secondary system that supplements your desktop for meetings and travel.
  • When using software that has a better experience on a Mac such as design or web coding software.

What’s different?

We are making progress to improve the automation of Mac computers in our environment as fast as possible. However, we are still working on this project at the present time with an estimated completion of the coming months.

For the time being, there are some workarounds that must be employed to make a Mac functional for University business. Please refer to the chart below to review them. If you have any questions, please email for assistance.

 Service What’s Different for Apple Computers Current Workaround
Applications Department Specific Software May be Windows Only None available.
Backups Not currently backed up centrally. Manual set up of a local back up by OIT using an external harddrive or other source
Printers Not automatically mapped Manual set up by OIT
Departmental File Shares Not automatically mapped Manual set up by OIT
Personal Documents Folder Not automatically mapped or backed up. Manual set up and back up of a personal documents folder to an external hard drive or other source