The Timesheet Reporting System (TRS) is used by faculty, staff & student employees to log the hours they've worked. Please note that Campus Temps use a separate system called QuickTemp. (You must be on campus or connected through the VPN to access QuickTemp.)

I'm a Student employee and I can't login to TRS.

In order for someone to login to TRS, they must have an 9-digit Employee ID Number attached to their UCInetID. If the number isn't attached, it's usually because the payroll system accidentally generated a second UCInetID which contains the number.

When this occurs, we will need to open a ticket with our IDM team to merge the UCInetIDs. Typically this takes 1-2 days to process.

I'm a Campus Temp. Where do I login to do my timesheet?

Campus Temps are employed by CTES (Campus Temporary Employment Services) and therefore cannot login to to submit their timesheets; they must use the QuickTemp system instead.

To access QuickTemp, you should login to Zotportal and on the left-side of the page there will be a section for CTES Employees, with a link for Timesheets just beneath it.

Please note if you have any questions about your timesheet, direct them to your HR representative in the CTES department. The Help Desk does not have the ability to make any changes to your timesheet.

I work at the UCIMC and don't use the campus timesheet system (I use API). How do I access that timesheet?

API is a separate timesheet system used by some UCIMC staff and is supported by the HS Help Desk. The URL is

Users having trouble with that timesheet should remember a couple of things:

  1. Mac users cannot use Chrome as it is an unsupported browser; use Firefox instead.
  2. If they have any trouble with the site, they should contact the HS Help Desk for support.

I keep getting the error 'The resource requires you to reauthenticate.'

The issue primarily affects 1) laptop users, 2) individuals who are Inactive in payroll and 3) individuals using a computer on a restricted network.

Laptop Users

This error will occur when your web browser thinks your laptop has two IP addresses, and it doesn't know which one is valid.

  • This can happen when you're connected to the campus Wi-Fi but then plug your laptop into Ethernet.
  • It can also happen when you're connected to Ethernet but then change to a public Wi-Fi network such as a café or airport.

The solution is to click to "Logout" link in the upper right-hand corner and then log back in, or just restart your computer.

Inactive in Payroll

If you're getting this error, it's possible that you're Inactive in the payroll system. If your HR/payroll person (every department has one - please ask your manager who they are) has set your Start Date in payroll for some date in the future, then you will not be able to login to your timesheet until that day comes. You must wait until then.

Unfortunately the Help Desk cannot make you Active in payroll. If you have questions or think the Start Date should be changed because it's incorrect, please speak with your manager.

Users on Restricted Networks

We've also had reports of users encountering this "WebAuth Loop" when they are using a computer on a restricted network (like a hospital, corporate or high school network). In fact, some Aramark employees have encountered this when trying to login from their offices/network.

  • When this happens, you should use either the WebVPN or Software VPN. Instructions on how to use the VPN can be found here.

I've tried the steps above and I'm still having issues

We recommend you continue your search in our comprehensive ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to open a ticket. When doing so, please provide the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your UCInetID (the first part of your email address, not your ID number)
  • A detailed description of the issue

Failure to provide this information will delay our response.

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