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Zoom Conferencing

Zoom is a video, audio, and web conferencing service accessible on any computer, mobile device, and telephone.  A Zoom conference session has one or more hosts and participants. Only hosts need to have Zoom accounts (participants do not need Zoom accounts). All UCI faculty, staff, and students are now eligible to obtain a Zoom Pro account, which allows you to schedule Zoom meetings with up to 300 participants over an unlimited number of minutes.

Zoom is one of many services that are now available to the campus for free, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Visit to learn how instructors, students, and staff members can continue to work and learn during the campus closure.

I am an instructor/faculty/staff and I would like to use Zoom. How do I get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Sign In"
  3. Enter your UCInetID credentials (the credentials you use to login to
  4. Follow the instructions to setup your account

For common FAQs about hosting a meeting, please refer to

I would like to host a call with Zoom. How do I get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Host"
  3. Enter your UCInetID credentials (the credentials you use to login to
  4. Follow the instructions to host the meeting

For common FAQs about hosting a meeting, please refer to

Where do I download the Zoom client? How do I sign-in after downloading the client?

To download the client, please go to When you open the client there’s a username/password box on the left and Google/Facebook/Single Sign On (SSO) login options on the right. Select SSO. When asked for your domain, enter "UCI" and select next. Enter your UCInetID credentials. You are now ready to host/join Zoom meetings.

I already have a free account through my department. I am prompted to 'migrate' at login?

If you have a free account and sign in to, you'll be prompted to 'migrate' your account. Please follow the prompts to migrate the account. This just means that your account will be under the UCI campus agreement with Zoom. None of your data will be affected. If for some reason you should not have migrated (i.e. department admin has told you otherwise), OIT can migrate you back. Send an email to to migrate your account back.

View the Migrating to Zoom Instructions for a step-by-step guide.

How can I quickly join/start a meeting?

There are two ways to quickly join or start a meeting,

  • Create a Personal Meeting ID using your 10-digit desk phone number (e.g. OR
  • Create a Personal Link using your UCInetID or name (e.g.

Both of these can be configured in the Profile tab located at, and they only take a minute to setup.

Once you've created the links, simply share them with your team. Anytime you want to start a meeting, visit either of those URLs in your browser and sign in to Zoom to start the meeting. Anyone who wants to join just has to visit one of those links.

What is the maximum number of participants on a Zoom call?

Each license includes web-based audio and video conferencing for up to 300 attendees at once over an unlimited number of minutes.

What if I need to have more than 300 people on a Zoom call?

While Zoom does offer a 'Webinar' feature that will allow users to have up to 500 participants in a single meeting, it requires a separate add-on license. These are expensive licenses that are currently reserved for large lecture halls only.

OIT has a very limited number of these licenses and will be deploying these to the following lecture halls in time for the Spring quarter: ALP 1300, BS3 1200, EH 1200, HIB 100, HSLH 100A, PSLH 100, and SSLH 100. ELH 100 may have the Webinar feature enabled as well, depending on final enrollment numbers. Instructors who are teaching courses in these lecture halls will be notified soon.

Is there an Outlook plugin?

Yes. If you work for an OIT desktop-supported department, please open a ticket so that we can perform the installation.

For all other users, please partner with your CSC for assistance with downloading and installing the plugin.

I've tried the steps above and I'm still having issues

We recommend you continue your search in our comprehensive ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to open a ticket. When doing so, please provide the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your UCInetID (the first part of your email address, not your ID number)
  • A detailed description of the issue

Failure to provide this information will delay our response.

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